Cape Farewell

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Background and History

Created by artist David Buckland in 2001, Cape Farewell has led eight expeditions to the High Arctic; the frontline of climate change including two youth voyages run in collaboration with the British Council. In 2009 the first ever Cape Farewell expedition outside of the Arctic to the Andes in Peru was launched in collaboration with the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. The ambition is to inspire those who have joined an expedition to respond creatively to the challenge of climate change. Through our expedition programme, we have engaged over 60 artists in the subject of climate change.

From the expeditions has sprung an extraordinary body of artwork, educational projects and collaborations. Since 2005, Cape Farewell artwork is exhibited across the UK, in Europe, Asia and in North America.

Cape Farewell have produced two films, Art from a Changing Arctic with the BBC and Burning Ice with Cactus Three, which have now been seen internationally, a major book Burning Ice, an exhibition catalogue Unfold, a CD Arctic, by Max Eastley, educational resources for GCSE Geography and Science, and a UN award-winning website.

Latest News

Rural Artists Residency

Rural Artists Residency Programme during Climate Week 2014

Open call to artists

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay: An open call for international and UK based artists as well as the Swansea Bay community

Slam poetry event by Sabrina Mahfouz and London School of Economics

Sabrina Mahfouz headlining and curating Rhyme and Reason

Oxford Climate Forum 2014

Oxford Climate Forum 2014 on 7th and 8th of February 2014

Rural Residency Programme - Part two

Cape Farewell's Rural Artists Residency Programme

January's newsletter

Cynthia Hopkins in our latest newsletter! 

Rhyme and Reason

Rhyme and Reason with Sabrina Mahfouz at the LSE

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, Stranded, 2005-2006
David Buckland, Icesheet, 2003
David Buckland, founder and director of Cape Farewell, in sub-zero kit during the 2005 expedition.
Youth crew head to shore in the zodiac during the 2007 Youth Expedition.
Siobhan Davies, Endangered Species, 2006 (still)
William Hunt, Earth, Wind and Fire, 2007 (still)
The Noorderlicht locked in ice at Tempelfjorden, just North of the 79th parallel, during the 2005 Art/Science Expedition.
View of the Noorderlicht in the icy waters around Spitsbergen during the 2003 expedition.
Ludvig Hammeken and Suba Subramaniam work with school children as part of Uummannaq Day at Southbank Centre, January 2009.
Gautier Deblonde, from The Svalbard Series, 2003-2005
Scientist Kathryn Clark sampling the river water in San Pedro during the 2009 Andes Expedition. Photographer: Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil.
Amy Balkin in conversation with Simon Boxall during the 2007 Art/Science Expedition.
Cape Farewell image

Cape Farewell pioneers a cultural response to climate change.