Jarvis Cocker on the voyage

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Jarvis Cocker speaks about the voyage, scraps, fjords, climate change and what he’s experienced. “I’ll never forget it that’s for sure…”

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  1. Olga

    Posted Tuesday 7 Oct at 06:19 | Permalink

    I would like to give my opinion of some kind of looks (excuse me for some personal details).

    Firstly. The kind of my activity involves taking part in expedition works too. When my colleagues and I are in new ( | in old) places, we take photos, of course. But we prefer to take photos of attributes of local way of life because such kind of pics transmits the spirit of those places.

    Secondly. I have some skills of creating a “bright” slide show using pics (owing to technical education partly). But if I’d like to make a video series of some impressions in the trip conditions(!), I’d prefer the simplest way to do it. And I don’t negate such way of giving stuff.

    Thirdly. When I noted that all events are ‘perfectly illustrated’on this site, I had meant the slide-shows by J. too (no doubt!).

    Fourthly. Some people like ‘the form’ and some people like ‘the content’. Yes, I like a unusual shapes and a magic colours too.
    But I prefer ‘the content’ and, moreover, I prefer ‘the context’. I can make interesting compositions sometimes (I hope), but I can’t give them witty and laconically captions. I have no such talent.

    Said before is not a tribute to J. (my respect to his works is strong enough).
    It’s my point of view.

    Anyway, this project is a really interesting.

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