Outward bound

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Jarvis Cocker and KT Tunstall checking in at Heathrow

Jarvis Cocker and KT Tunstall swap travel stories at the check-in at Heathrow.

As the expedition team assembled, it became apparent the 20kg per person rule had been loosely adhered to at best

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  1. angela lee

    Posted Friday 26 Sep at 13:45 | Permalink

    Oh, Wow! Jarvis is on board. Also Laurie Anderson, Vanessa Carlton and Ryuichi of YMO. Impressive list of voyagers. Just wow! Be safe everyone. Good Luck.

  2. robert

    Posted Monday 19 Jul at 21:51 | Permalink

    hello..can i know what kind of shoes that jarvis cocker wear?coz it look very nice.tq.

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