Shlomo’s Babelbox Podcast – Arctic Special

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Listen to Shlomo’s new Podcast, recorded during the expedition. It features exclusive new material from Martha Wainwright, music from Feist, Jarvis Cocker and interviews with Marcus Brigstocke, Vanessa Carlton and Laurie Anderson.
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  1. rohinton

    Posted Sunday 4 Jan at 16:26 | Permalink

    your ffforts & concerns shall not be wasted. unseen i/ we are with you. good wishes & GOD BLESS. keep sending beautifull images & text. regards.

  2. john hadley

    Posted Friday 27 Nov at 17:34 | Permalink

    Did anyone see Marcus Brigstocke on Question Time last night. He was hilarious. In answer to a question about global warming he decided to ignore the views of some thousands of scientists (proper scientists who have had their credentials checked)who know man made warming is con and told the audience that HE had been to the arctic and when he was there he spoke to an ESKIMO who informed him that man made global warming is a fact. I watched the program in the pub and the whole pub couldn’t stop laughing. This guy really is a comedian.
    Is he really that short of work that he has to be such a sycophant to the BBC who as everyone knows is frightened to death of having a proper debate on AGW.

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