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The Arctic Poppy Chronicles

Category: Events Posted: 13 May 2013

'The Arctic Poppy Chronicles' by Michèle Noach are to be seen at the Botanical Garden Oxford

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Lates with Mastercard at the Science Museum, London

Category: Events Posted: 15 April 2013

Cape Farewell rejoins the Lates with Mastercard at the Science Museum. Join us on Wednesday 24 April, from 6.45-10pm, for a night of entertainment, knowledge and exploration on the topic of 'Climate Science'.

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Our Time In Ice

Category: Events Posted: 11 April 2013

The exhibition ''Our Time in Ice' is still on until 31 May in Brighton and will be accompanied by a talk on Sat, 19th May by Michèle Noach, David Buckland and Chris Wainwright.

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This Clement World

Category: Events Posted: 05 February 2013

Cynthia Hopkins musical perfromance, 'This Clement World', is showing in New York, Feb 2013.

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ADRIFT - Walks around London

Category: Events Posted: 29 January 2013

ADRIFT Follow the ongoing inquiry of ADRIFT. This time will Cape Farewell’s poet in residence, Tom Chivers, walk with us through London.
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GalGael on 27 Jan 2013 - A celebration

Category: Events Posted: 02 January 2013

Sea Change Cape Farewell’s Sea Change programme celebrates GalGael with Bird Yarns, Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy MacIsaac, Jo Mango, Inge Thomson, Hanna Tuulikki, Alec Finlay.

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Arctic Gnomes at Eden

Category: Events Posted: 21 November 2012

Watch an ebbing installation of hundreds of garden gnomes map the Arctic at Eden this winter. Arctic Gnome

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ADRIFT - Follow the inquiry

Category: Events Posted: 08 October 2012

ADRIFT Join us for the ongoing inquiry of ADRIFT on 15 Nov 7.30pm at Tonybee Studios- an interrogation of climate as culture, devised by Cape Farewell’s poet in residence, Tom Chivers.
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Carbon 13 in the USA

Category: Events Posted: 25 August 2012

Carbon 13 Carbon 13 presents newly commissioned work by eight international artists at Ballroom Marfa, Texas. The exhibition runs 31 August 2012 - 20 January 2013.
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Bird Yarns

Category: Events Posted: 27 July 2012

Sea Change Bird Yarns comes to Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, 26-27 September 2012. Followed by a showing at the Luminate Festival, Glasgow, 5-28 October. The project brings knitters from Mull and across the UK together with textile artist Deirdre Nelson in response to the changing migration patterns of seabirds across Scotland’s islands. Part of Cape Farewell's Sea Change programme.
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Air falbh leis na h-eòin (Away with the Birds)

Category: Events Posted: 16 July 2012

Sea Change Air falbh leis na h-eòin (Away with the Birds), a performance for multiple voices by composer and artist Hanna Tuulikki, to be presented at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, 2, 6 September and 17 November 2012. Part of Cape Farewell's Sea Change programme.
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It’s the Skin You’re Living In

Category: Events Posted: 10 July 2012

Sea Change A multi-format film project by David Harradine / Fevered Sleep, 'It's the Skin You're Living in', is to be seen in Glasgow, 20-25 November at Tramway. The work is exploring and challenging existing images of climate change. A miniature multi-screen installation version will be travelling the UK from late 2012. Part of Cape Farewell's Sea Change programme.
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Season of events: Sea Change 2012

Category: Events Posted: 06 June 2012

Sea Change Cape Farewell’s Sea Change is a four-year programme of research and making across Scotland’s western and northern isles. In 2012-13, artists will work with local communities and scientists across the islands and on the mainland to produce workshops, work-in-progress presentations and exhibitions of new work across all art forms. Click to view featured Sea Change 2012 projects and events.  
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