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Michèle Noach


Michèle Noach joined Cape Farewell on the 2004 Art/Science Expedition. Taking almost three weeks the Cape Farewell crew circumnavigated Spitsbergen, the main island of the Svalbard archipelago, aboard the Noorderlicht - sailing almost as far North as possible. Following the expedition Michèle produced her series of 'Lenticulars', featured in the Cape Farewell book Burning Ice, and exhibited with Art & Climate Change. She returned to the Arctic on her second voyage with Cape Farewell in September 2008, joining the Disko Bay Expedition.

In 2007 Cape Farewell visited The Lost Gardens of Heligan, pre-cursor to creation of Eden Project, as part of our long term collaboration with the Eden Project. From this start point Michèle has worked with both Heligan and Eden Project on several projects, including, The Glasshouse Men, an installation of lenticulars in the greenhouses at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in November 2008.

In September 2009, an abridged version of the 2008 Curwen show One Mouse, One Dollar, No Refund was exhibited in the beautiful Hawksmoor Rectory of Spitalfields.

"I absolutely refuse to leave until we are able to take back with us something in the nature of a chart."
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Lost World'


Born in Paddington, Australia


Move to Holland, USA, Australia and Holland again before settling in London


Discover 'Ant and Bee'


See 'Dougal and the Blue Cat'


Collect first of many lenticular images


Hear 'New Rose' by The Damned


Become crossword compiler for The New Musical Express
Develop interest in code-breaking


Severe electrical shock (accidental)
Begin writing for arts' publications in Australia, the US and UK


Bitten by spider (unidentified) in Australian outback


Start printmaking
Come across George Herriman's 1930's cartoon strip 'Krazy Kat'


Commissioned artist for Liberty of London
Compiling crosswords for various international publications


Establish studio in London


Ship etching press to Australia and back


Qualify in British Sign Language


First US exhibition and visit to Sonoran Desert


Fall on ice (whilst skating) in Svalbard, High Arctic
Go lenticular


Art & environment study in Sonoran Desert
Make lenticular 'measuring' devices


The Glasshouse Men: Installation in greenhouses at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
Second Cape Farewell expedition, this time to Greenland.


Artist in residence at the Eden Project, working on Arctic poppies
Defying the odds, bitten by spider again
Spend time in Norway on glacial research project
Continue to work on backdrops, sets, cartoons and illustration

"Even Michèle Noach’s measuring instruments made some kind of sense. Sort of"
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

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