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Da Makin’ Hands At Da Fishin’ Hands premier at the community hall I noticed a beautiful Fair Isle jumper in shades of mossy green and later discovered that the wearer was Inges grandfather Stewart, a retired Light House Keeper, fiddle player, spinner and spinning wheel maker.  His wife Annie had made the sweater in the... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/ Tìr mo Rùin – Kacper Kowalski shortlisted for Sony World Photography Awards


Congratulations to aerial photographer Kacper Kowalski, who took to the skies of Lewis to photograph the peatlands for his Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin commission. Kacper has been nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards 2014: : Those magnificent men in their flying machines Cheap Jerseys from china Some people call him an aerial photographer. We... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin

Pentland Road shieling

I have started writing this moor blog whilst on a residency in St.Kilda.StLouisRamsJerseysOnline It seems that both these places have become defined by the notion of remoteness and as such are comparable. Also the language, culture and archaeology of both are largely shared. To fully experience both St. Kilda and the Moor it is necessary... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin


See more of Deirdre’s work at 6 October: Pàipear-taighe I have been gathering imagery of all the small things from the moor and on my last visit to Lewis I visited Alison Macleod in her studio.   She is a textile designer/artist from The Isle of Lewis whose designs are inspired by her... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin

Pentland burn

The Pentland Road traverses Lewis running east to west, from Stornoway to Carloway, and neatly bisects the core of the peatlands allowing access to one of the most unique natural environments in Northern Europe. From the road the moorland looks rugged, wild and impenetrable. The leviathan blanket bog that covers most of Northern Lewis breathes... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin

The Peat Road, on the way to the Shieling village of Cuidhsiadar

As the ferry made its slow and stately progress across the expanse of The Minch, and the great peaks of Skye’s mountains gradually settled towards the horizon, I couldn’t help but stand transfixed at the view which stretched before me. The Outer Hebrides is somewhere which until this week I had never experienced, save through... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin

Moorland Discussion - Procreate

Follow Fabric Lenny’s Peatland blog: 24 July: iPad to Press – Photo Polymer Photogravure After having had a few days to reflect on my time in Scotland as part of the Sexy Peat project, I can now reveal that it was a truly amazing experience. The two weeks on Lewis exploring the Peatlands and... Read More ›

Sexy Peat/Tìr mo Rùin


March. NB 2976 3817. A pool where two streams emerge from beneath the peat – the source of the water which flows to Loch na Mòineach, which in turn feeds Feadan Loch na Mòineach, which joins Feadan Loch an Fhraoich and Feadan Loch nam Breac to form Gleann Thorradail, one of the tributaries of Gleann... Read More ›

Air falbh leis na h-eòin – Away with the Birds

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 13.09.20

No film can be too personal. The image speaks. Sound amplifies and comments. Size is irrelevant. Perfection is not an aim. An attitude means a style. A style means an attitude. Free Cinema 1 manifesto, February 1956 I’m not really one for writing a diary or a blog, and there are already good writers involved... Read More ›

'Particle' (Things Unseen). Anne Bevan

Foram 9. Photo by Anne Bevan

Solo exhibition by Anne Bevan with Shetland Arts (Bonhoga Gallery) and the Shetland Museum and Archive (Pier Store). An installation of sculpture, print and video exploring the microscopic world of our shores and oceans, from the North Atlantic to the Sea of Japan. Anne has collaborated on the project with Dr Kate Darling from the... Read More ›

It's the Skin You're Living In

Barra Still 2.tiff

It’s the Skin You’re Living In is a multi-format film project, that explores and challenges existing images of climate change. Shot in a series of locations from the islands of Svalbard in the High Arctic to a kitchen in a house in London – via the beaches and headlands of Barra and Vatersay – the... Read More ›

Ditty Boxes. John Cumming, Cecil Tait in Travelling Light at An Talla Solais, Ullapool


Shetland/Orkney sculptor John Cumming and Shetland furniture maker Cecil Tait collaborate on Ditty Boxes, an installation based on the hand-made sailors’ boxes designed to hold treasured possessions on hazardous ocean voyages. The ditty boxes have now travelled from Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick, to Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney, and on to Künstlerhaus, Dortmund, before returning... Read More ›

It's the Skin You're Living In installation tour 2013 – David Harradine / Fevered Sleep / Fuel

Robin Dingemans on Barra

  See the film here: It’s the Skin You’re Living In It’s the Skin You’re Living In is a multi-format film project, that explores and challenges existing images of climate change.  Shot in a series of locations from the islands of Svalbard in the High Arctic to a kitchen in a house in London – via... Read More ›

Topologies of Air – Ruith Na Gaoithe. Shona Illingworth residency at Taigh Chearsabhagh

Shona Illingworth, Balnakiel 2009. Digital video still commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella

‘…the act of envisioning an object or an action in terms of an ecology or lifecycle (whether in a banal commercial sense or within a creative research project) ultimately challenges the classification of that object as a product.’ Jill Bennett, Living in the Anthropocene, 2011 Shona’s project for the Cape Farewell Sea Change project will... Read More ›

Ian Stephen and Christine Morrison in Travelling Light at An Talla Solais, Ullapool


Ian Stephen and Christine Morrison present new work, supported by Sea Change, as part of Travelling Light at An Talla Solais, Ullapool, an exhibition and art activities inspired by the sailor’s ditty box. An Talla Solais Market Street Ullapool IV26 2XE   Acts of Trust wins award in British Awards for Storytelling Excellence The... Read More ›

Ditty Boxes. John Cumming, Cecil Tait

Gunnar Jónsson, Hringsól 4 (Wander around 4), 7 minute video loop, 2012

24 February 2013 On the invitation of Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch, joint curators of this themed exhibition, The Ditty Boxes formed part of “Voyage – sea journeys, island hopping and trans-oceanic concepts “, at the Künstlerhaus, Dormund. I travelled, via Copenhagen, to Dortmund for the hanging and opening of this show. Most of the... Read More ›

Hear Stephen Hurrel on Radio 4


Listen to Stephen Hurrel discussing his artist residency at the University of Aberdeen Lighthouse Field Station, Cromarty. Part of BBC Radio 4’s Saving Species series. Read More ›

Bird Yarns Photo Diary


            21 June 2012 The days are long, bright and cool on Tobermory: only 4 hours of darkness between last gull and first dove call. Down in the harbour boats swing on the wind; clouds sit over Ardnamurchan and Morven across the Sound of Mull. On the fisherman’s pier a... Read More ›

Bird Yarns inspires 'Tern', by musician Mick Slaven: Listen here


Tern, written and performed by Mick Slaven   Listen here Copyright control Mick Slaven, 2013:–slaven.html Riding the Breeze Bird Yarns made a brief landing at Letham Nights in Fife late last year and managed to share the stage with Coal Town Daisies and The Bevvy Sisters. Letham nights aims to bring high quality music to... Read More ›

Na Fir Chlis (Aurora Borealis): Port nan Ròn. Rody Gorman

2012-06-18 15.57.41

  Na Fir Chlis / Aurora Borealis is collection of Gaelic poems by Rody Gorman, inspired by Cape Farewell’s 4-week expedition across the Hebrides in 2011. Port nan Ròn Na bodaich a bh’ ann air feadh Eilean Mhuile, Càite bhon t-saoghal a dh’fhalbh iad uile? Dh’fhalbh iad uile-gu-lèir, nach bu duilich, Thar a’ Chuain Mhòir... Read More ›

Oliver Rowe's Pop-up Cafe on Tobermory Beach

Oliver Rowe's pop-up cafe on Tobermory Beach. Photograph by Kenny Taylor

This summer chef Oliver Rowe cooks local produce in a Pop-up café on Tobermory beach. Read More ›

Things Unspoken. Anne Bevan, Andrea Roe

Things Unspoken

    Things Unspoken presents new work by Edinburgh-based artists Anne Bevan and Andrea Roe at the Royal Society of British Sculptors, London. Both artists work across areas of human and animal behaviour, natural history and the environment, and their work evolves through processes of making and exploring that are associated with the scientists they often... Read More ›

Bird Yarns. Deirdre Nelson

Photo by Deirdre Nelson

  Birdyarns is gathering supporters and followers with each and every landing, each time making connections in new, exciting and unexpected ways . Recently singer Jo Mango ( got in touch having spotted Creative Scotland’s post about the birds landing in Glasgow. Much of her songwriting involves birds in one way or another so she... Read More ›

Air falbh leis na h-eòin – Away with the Birds

Photo by Olivia Uney / Canna Mouse Photography

See Olivia Uney’s Canna photographs:  8 June 2012 Listen to White-Tailed eagles, Canna. Recorded by Geoff Sample The deep throb of the ferry’s engines provides an accompaniment to the journey and transports us from the known mainland to the unknown island. Leaving the harbour we leave man-made noise and a wide-open Atlantic insular... Read More ›

Bird Yarns. Mary Jane Lamond

The drive home: safety first

11 June 2012 Just a little news on the Cape Breton flock below…I drove down to Sydney  (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)  yesterday to meet up with Janice MacKay and Kelly Krawchuk to pick up the Cape Breton flock of Arctic Terns. We met up in a pub and had a great visit, some food and... Read More ›

Alison Turnbull Exhibition

We Crossed The Minch, Alison Turnbull, 2012

“My exhibition at Talbot Rice brings together recent paintings and drawings, shown in the White Gallery, with a new installation created for the Round Room. The exhibition is conceived as a lexicon of looking, a series of encounters that are displaced and then echoed as one moves through the different rooms and spaces. Painting and... Read More ›

A celebration of GalGael

Mary Jane Lamond, Allan Macdonald, Mary Smith, Kathleen MacInnes at GalGael

An afternoon of song and story about boats, journeys and navigating change, in celebration of GalGael’s traditional boat-building and furniture-making project in the heart of Glasgow’s former shipbuilding community. With Bird Yarns, Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy MacIsaac, Mary Smith, Inge Thomson, Hanna Tuulikki, Nerea Bello, Allan Macdonald, Nuala Kennedy, Kathleen MacInnes, Alec Finlay. ‘ What a... Read More ›

Às an Traigh – From the Shore. Mary Smith, Mary Jane Lamond, Julie Fowlis, Andy Mackinnon

Village Bay, St Kilda

  An interweaving of Gaelic songs, stories, memories and reflections on relationships between people and place on St Kilda, compiled by three acclaimed Gaelic singers, and drawing on the Tobar an Dualchais archive of oral recordings. A collaboration with Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre, Lochmaddy, North Uist, and filmmaker Andy Mackinnon. Mary Smith is... Read More ›

A Gaelic Song. Mary Jane Lamond

Mary Jane Lamond, Jo Royle and Julie Fowlis during the 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition

Watch Mary Jane Lamond, Jo Royle and Julie Fowlis in footage from the 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition. Read More ›

Balranald. Ian Stephen

Ordnance Survey, North Uist

A poem by Ian Stephen written during the 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition. Read More ›