'Particle' (Things Unseen). Anne Bevan

Foram 9. Photo by Anne Bevan

Solo exhibition by Anne Bevan with Shetland Arts (Bonhoga Gallery) and the Shetland Museum and Archive (Pier Store). An installation of sculpture, print and video exploring the microscopic world of our shores and oceans, from the North Atlantic to the Sea of Japan. Anne has collaborated on the project with Dr Kate Darling from the... Read More ›

Na Fir Chlis (Aurora Borealis): Port nan Ròn. Rody Gorman

2012-06-18 15.57.41

  Na Fir Chlis / Aurora Borealis is collection of Gaelic poems by Rody Gorman, inspired by Cape Farewell’s 4-week expedition across the Hebrides in 2011. Port nan Ròn Na bodaich a bh’ ann air feadh Eilean Mhuile, Càite bhon t-saoghal a dh’fhalbh iad uile? Dh’fhalbh iad uile-gu-lèir, nach bu duilich, Thar a’ Chuain Mhòir... Read More ›

Balranald. Ian Stephen

Ordnance Survey, North Uist

A poem by Ian Stephen written during the 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition. Read More ›

Blue Bonnets. Ian Stephen

Blue Bonnets

Blue Bonnets, a poem by Ian Stephen filmed during the 2011 Scottish Islands Expedition. Read More ›