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Cape Farewell’s Sea Change (Tionndadh na Mara) began with a gathering of 50 artists and scientists from across the UK at Cove Park in 2010, followed by a four-week sailing expedition with Marine Conservation Research across the western isles in 2011. In 2012 artists will work with local communities and scientists across the Scottish Islands and on the mainland to produce workshops, work-in-progress presentations and exhibitions of new work across all art forms.

Cape Farewell

In 2001 the artist David Buckland created the Cape Farewell project to instigate a cultural response to climate change. Cape Farewell is now an international not-for-profit programme based in the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London and with a North American foundation based at the MaRS centre in Toronto. + www.capefarewell.com

Artists, Scientists, Communities

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