2010 Arctic Expedition

Sailing north of the 80th parallel to the ice edge from Spitsbergen with creatives and scientists from around the world.

9 September–1 October 2010
Svalbard and Spitsbergen

In September 2010 Cape Farewell began its 9th Art & Science expedition to the Arctic. For 22 days the crew of 20 voyagers sailed around Svalbard and Spitsbergen on the Noorderlicht, sailing north of the 80th parallel to the ice edge from Spitsbergen and east towards Russia.

Five marine scientists and ten artists from around the world – writers, musicians, visual artists, directors and architects – sailed from Longyearbyen around the north-east coast of Spitsbergen in the Norwegian Arctic to encounter the magnificence of this extreme and threatened environment and engage with the scientific research being conducted on board.

The crew included Paul Miller AKA DJ Spooky (musician, DJ & writer, USA), Deborah Warner (theatre & opera director, UK), Nick Drake (poet, novelist & playwright, UK) Matthew Clark (digital artist/ Creative Director of UVA, UK), Ruth Little (dramaturg & writer, UK), Mikhail Durnenkov (playwright, Russia), Cynthia Hopkins (performance & music artist, USA), Leonid Tishkov (visual artist, Russia), Iris Haeussler (visual artist, Canada), Marina Moskvina (novelist, Russia), Beth Kapusta (writer & architecture critic, Canada), Daria Parkhomenko (Director of Laboratoria Art & Science Space, Russia), Kevin Buckland (Arts Ambassador/ 350.org, Spain), Bob Davies (architect, Canada), David Buckland (artist, Cape Farewell expedition leader) and others. Follow their journey in the expedition blog – with daily posts, images and video reports.

Opening on 14 July 2011 High Arctic, the new digital exhibition at the National Maritime Museum (NMM) is the creative response of Matt Clark to his experience of the Arctic, his personal narrative, inviting us to reflect on the environment and the impact of our behaviour on the natural world. Matt and the UVA team are working with both the NMM’s and Cape Farewell’s extensive archives and experience to develop an digital installation for the NMM’s forthcoming Special Exhibitions Gallery. The exhibition, titled High Arctic, will launch as the first temporary show in the Museum’s new Sammy Ofer Wing.

Alongside the exhibition Cape Farewell and the National Maritime Museum are running a nationwide competition for young people aged 7–16, encouraging investigation and reflection on environmental issues and the creation of an artistic response.

Supported by Arts Council England, Southbank Centre, Compton, Musagetes, Lighthouse Foundation, National Maritime Museum, Iridium and SatCom Global.

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immersive installation of white sculptural columns in a dark room

High Arctic

Inspired by the 2010 Arctic Expedition Matt Clark and UVA created High Arctic at the National Maritime Museum – an immersive, interactive environment using sculptural forms, poetry and cutting-edge technology to create a unique installation experience

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