Environmental Policy

Cape Farewell was created to instigate a cultural response to the climate and environmental crisis. 

Environmental care and respect is therefore at the core of our vision and mission and underpins all our decision-making as we strive to have a positive impact on our planet, not just through the notion that artists can engage the public in this issue through creative insight and vision, but in the way Cape Farewell carries out its business and work.

Our Key Aims and Actions

  • To be a leader in environmental sustainability
  • To embed sustainability in the delivery of strategic goals and programme
  • To conserve natural resources such as energy, water, wood, paper, especially where those resources are non-renewable, wherever possible.
  • To use recycled or refurbished materials where possible to reduce waste, especially to landfill.
  • To use existing and recorded data to calculate The WaterShed’s annual carbon footprint, and disseminate this information to the public.
  • To ensure, where possible and practical, that products and supplies are sourced from sustainable environments and ethical suppliers (see Cape Farewell’s Procurement & Funding Policy).
  • To maintain fair pressure upon suppliers and partners to develop environmentally friendly goods and services.
  • To carefully consider potential funders, donors and other sources of income to ensure their business operations and/or ethics do not conflict with Cape Farewell’s aims and objectives (see Cape Farewell’s Procurement & Funding Policy).
  • To inform, train and motivate employees, artists and others we engage with to live and work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To ensure, where possible and practical, that partners and organisations we work with have environmental aims and ambitions in line with our own.
  • To promote the use of public transport, where possible, both for workers and audiences.
  • To consider and minimise the necessity for air travel and ensure alternative travel/shipping options are used where possible.
  • To communicate our goals to contractors, and other non-employees working on our site.

Understanding Our Impact

After more than 15 years of being based in London, in 2017 Cape Farewell moved to The WaterShed in rural Dorset. Ecologically designed, and set in an area of outstanding beauty and ecological care, The WaterShed is the HQ of Cape Farewell with dedicated office space and an artists’ studio and workshop space. This unique site sits among organic farms, close to the world heritage site of the Jurassic coast. In 2021 an ecologically designed artists’ cottage will also be completed on The WaterShed site. Since moving to this very low carbon / low impact building, Cape Farewell’s carbon footprint has significantly reduced.

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