Ethical Business & Procurement Policy

This policy promotes a process that is open, transparent, ethical and in line with Cape Farewell’s values as a charity which engages people with the global climate crisis. 

It applies to all aspects of Cape Farewell’s business: service delivery, procurement decisions, any form of partnerships, acceptance of funding (grants, donations, sponsorship, in kind support, advertising), investments or any contractual relationship.


  • To maintain the highest ethical standards in procurement matters
  • To achieve best value for money
  • To ensure charitable funds are used effectively
  • To ensure that grant and funding conditions are complied with consistently
  • To apply a framework of ethical and environmental standards through which partnerships, investments and funding are assessed
  • To act fairly towards suppliers of services and goods
  • To minimise the risk of fraud
  • To promote equality, diversity and sustainability throughout procurement matters, including legal compliance such as with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and in respect of human rights
  • To ensure the business model of suppliers doesn’t conflict with Cape Farewell’s values, aims and principles

Ethical Framework

There will be a variety of considerations that Cape Farewell takes into consideration when initiating new significant activities and/or partnerships. Decisions taken in these areas will be informed by applying due diligence assessments, which ensure relevant activities comply with Cape Farewell’s Business Plan and Strategy, and ethical and environmental standards.

Reasons for Declining Opportunities

As a charity, Cape Farewell has a duty not to decline opportunities or funding which will help achieve its charitable objectives without good reasons for doing so. However, if the business, ethical or environmental practices of a supplier, partner or funder are considered to be in conflict with Cape Farewell’s values, a due diligence assessment will be made.

Due Diligence

If a due diligence assessment presents an ambiguous situation, this can be escalated to Cape Farewell’s Board of Trustees for decision. These decisions are not binding on future engagements, e.g. if a particular request was turned down it does not automatically mean Cape Farewell would not work or engage with that individual or organisation in the future.

Procurement Thresholds

For the procurement of all goods and services the following thresholds are applicable:

  • Up to £99: to facilitate efficient administration, the budget holder or delegated person will use their professional judgement to ensure financial and ethical best-practice.
  • Up to £499: to facilitate efficient administration, the budget holder or delegated person will obtain three informal quotes via phone or email.
  • £500 – £14,999: three email/written quotes will be obtained and kept on file, and Cape Farewell’s Director will authorise the purchase.
  • £15,000 and over: three email/written quotes will be obtained and kept on file. Cape Farewell’s Director will authorise the purchase, having informed the Board of Trustees.

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