What we do

We all need stories that move us if we are to be inspired to make social and behavioural changes in our lives.

Artists are innovators and communicators, and know how to tell compelling stories that bring dry facts to life and draw audiences in. There is no substitute for the power of art to evoke an emotional response to the global climate emergency: one salient image, poem, film or song can speak louder than volumes of scientific data.

Since 2001, Cape Farewell has brought internationally renowned artists, visionaries, scientists and educators together to research, interrogate, discuss and create. Over 350 creatives have joined climate scientists and commentators on our scientific expeditions to the Arctic, Scottish island communities, urban regeneration projects, stressed freshwater habitats and more.

Armed with up to the minute climate science knowledge, our best creative minds communicate their visions for the future through thought-provoking and often iconic new artworks. Their work is born out of the climate issue; however, it always maintains the complexity, integrity and magic of what is understood to constitute great art.

Our commissions have been exhibited and performed for audiences around the globe, engaging tens of thousands directly and many millions more through social media, TV and press. In the process, Cape Farewell has created an extraordinary archive of original, critically-acclaimed visual artworks, films, music, books, poetry, education and community projects, and has become an internationally emulated model of best practice. 

The archive is in the process of being housed at the Nevada Museum of Art as part of their unique Environmental Archive that includes Burning Man, and will become available for future research. Explore our online archive for a snapshot of past projects and extraordinary creative work.

“Climate change is a reality. Caused by us all, it is no longer the preserve of the Arctic or Amazon: it is here in our own communities, presenting a cultural, social and economic challenge that extends beyond the science.”

David Buckland, Director and Founder, Cape Farewell

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How we work

A small core team works at the centre of an international programme of activity
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Who we are

Meet our core team and collaborators including creatives, scientists and informers
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Dive into our archive to discover over 20 years of extraordinary creative work

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