Adrian Newton

Professor in Conservation Ecology at Bournemouth University.

Adrian Newton is part of Cape Farewell’s RiverRun project, interrogating the environmental impact of Dorset farming on the rivers and waters of Poole Bay.

Adrians research examines human impacts on the environment, with a particular focus on biodiversity loss and its consequences. Adrian has supervised more than 30 PhD and MPhil students, and has a particular interest in analysing the biodiversity dynamics of fragmented forest landscapes. He has produced over 150 research publications on conservation science and management, including books on biodiversity loss and conservation, forest ecology and tropical forest resources.

Recent research activities have included analysis of the impacts of ecological restoration on biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services, human impacts on forest biodiversity, and the effectiveness of protected areas in reducing biodiversity loss. This research has employed a range of spatial analysis and modelling approaches.

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