An album of sonic images by Max Eastley communicating emotion, passion and concern for our fragile natural world. Exclusive to Cape Farewell. Sold out.

ARCTIC by Max Eastley

10 track album, CD format
Exclusive to Cape Farewell – now sold out

Max Eastley’s ARCTIC premiered to a sell-out audience at the Planetarium in Hamburg, April 2007. This 10 track album features sound recordings made on the Cape Farewell voyages including: the Bearded Seal; the Nooderlicht sailing schooner; Barentsberg coal mine; and recordings of the Arc, an electro acoustic monochord played by Eastley at Cape Farewell exhibitions in Oxford 2005 and London 2006. The album was available on CD exclusive to Cape Farewell, but is currently out of stock. Contact us for further information.

Hear tracks and an interview with Max Eastley
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“ARCTIC is a series of sonic images. Their composition involved a process of sifting, editing and constructing from the many hours of recordings made in the Arctic. The work is a summation of my experience of the sublime: exhilaration, fear, and an overwhelming sense of tragedy unfolding before me. I hope that the music communicates my emotion, passion and concern for this fragile natural world.”

Max Eastley, March 2007

ARCTIC by Max Eastley, 2007
Music by Max Eastley
Music production by Dave Hunt
Produced by David Buckland / Cape Farewell
10 track album, CD format

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