Colin Izod

Director at Big Heart Media, making broadcast TV and online media, and instrumental in Cape Farewell’s youth expeditions and education programme

Colin Izod

An ex English Teacher, Colin’s day job is making broadcast TV and online media for education with his own company Big Heart Media. On the first expedition in 2003 he helped to create Cape Farewell’s first educational resource the GCSE Geography package The High Arctic and on the 2004 voyage the GCSE science resource Life in The Water. Following the expeditions Suba Subramaniam and Colin developed an ambition to take a group of teenagers to the Arctic. In September 2007 this ambition was realised with the first youth expedition to Svalbard.

Following the expedition they worked with Creative Partnerships in the UK and British Council in Canada to produce a climate blueprint. This blueprint is a resource for schools, allowing individual schools to develop their own creative climate change activities and are currently working with the British Council, Canada to deliver the second youth expedition.

Big Heart Media

Big Heart Media is an award-winning, independent producer with ever-expanding horizons. The company specialises in creating imaginative content across TV and multimedia platforms, seeking out fresh ways to tell stories, and share information and learning.

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