Daro Montag

Artist, lecturer and researcher who works with living organisms and natural processes.

Daro Montag photographed during Cape Farewell’s 2009 Andes Expedition. Photo by Marije de Haas.

Daro Montag joined the 2009 Andes Expedition, Cape Farewell’s first expedition outside the Arctic, an 18 day trek through shrinking glaciers, cloud forests, lower forests, areas of deforestation and the Amazon. Following the expedition he exhibited artworks with Cape Farewell’s Unfold exhibition.

Daro Montag is an artist, lecturer and researcher who works with living organisms and natural processes. Best known for colourful images made in collaboration with micro-organisms, he is interested in understanding, and bringing to light, the inherent creativity of natural phenomena. This practice has also led to producing art with the assistance of toads, newts, insects and earthworms. His most recent project examines the soil and its significance both culturally and ecologically. Daro is Associate Professor of Art & Environment at Falmouth University. He also runs the research group Art, Nature & Environment – RANE.

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