Work with scientists at Cape Farewell HQ- as part of Dorchester Science Festival

Saturday 12th March 2022

A unique opportunity to work with scientists ‘in the field’ as they conduct research at the Cape Farewell artists residency site north of Dorchester. 

We will be running two workshops for 24 participants on site – work with Professor Genoveva Esteban using microscopes as she explores the beginnings of life and biodiversity on our planet; work with Will Beaumont of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust as he studies the salmon and trout migration; work with Professor Adrian Newton and David Rodgers (electricbackroom Studio) to listen to underwater sound using hydrophones; identify birds and their call sounds with Sam Lloyd.

Booking essential: email to confirm your place 

12th March 11am – 1pm


12th March 2pm – 4pm.

The Watershed, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset DT2 9NS

Dorchester Science Festival returns with an exciting 10 day programme of events from 6-15 March to celebrate British Science Week.

Cape Farewell and Bournemouth University in partnership with Dorchester Science Festival

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