Michèle Noach

An artist who observes the humour in human behaviour to produce exciting and colourful cartoon artwork and lenticulars

Michèle Noach photographed during Cape Farewell’s 2008 Disko Bay Expedition. Photo by Nathan Gallagher.

Artist Michèle Noach joined Cape Farewell on the 2004 Art/Science Expedition. Taking almost three weeks the Cape Farewell crew circumnavigated Spitsbergen, the main island of the Svalbard archipelago, aboard the Noorderlicht – sailing almost as far North as possible.

Following the voyage Michèle produced a series of lenticular artworks, which toured with Cape Farewell’s Art & Climate Change and U-n-f-o-l-d exhibitions. She returned to the Arctic on her second voyage with Cape Farewell in September 2008, joining the Disko Bay Expedition.

In 2007 Cape Farewell visited The Lost Gardens of Heligan, pre-cursor to creation of Eden Project, as part of our long term collaboration with the Eden Project. From this start point Michèle has worked with both Heligan and Eden Project on several projects, including, The Glasshouse Men, an installation of lenticulars in the greenhouses at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in November 2008. She undertook a Slow Art Residency, as part of the Cape Farewell | Eden Project collaboration, developing her project The Arctic Poppy Chronicles.

In September 2009, an abridged version of her 2008 Curwen show One Mouse, One Dollar, No Refund was exhibited in the beautiful Hawksmoor Rectory of Spitalfields.

Eden Project – Slow Art Residencies
Unfold exhibition and book
Art & Climate Change exhibition

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