Myfanwy MacLeod + Janna Levitt

Canadian based architect and artist collaborative duo

graphic yellow bee hive and figures in beekeeping suits
Myfanwy MacLeod + Janna Levitt, Beekeeping for All, 2013 (detail)

Myfanwy MacLeod and Janna Levitt created Beekeeping for All for Cape Farewell’s Carbon 14: Climate is Culture exhibition. They collaborated in the spirit of agitprop, to present the kiosk as a place for the gathering and sharing of practical information about ways individuals and communities can work together in the common effort to fight Colony Collapse Disorder and climate change. They aimed to ignite awareness of these vital issues through ‘ground up’ community involvement and action.

Myfanwy MacLeod

Vancouver-based artist Myfanwy MacLeod is perhaps best known for her iconic work The Birds, a public sculpture located in Vancouver’s Olympic village. The Birds is an example of her ironic sense of humour and ability to use her work to analyse, even satirize relationships between the individual and larger social structures. Since the 1990s, she has been represented in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Janna Levitt

Toronto architect Janna Levitt is a partner at LGA Architectural Partners and her practice has a particular focus in art and architecture. Current projects she is leading include the new Laurentian School of Architecture of the North in Sudbury for Laurentian University; the central branch of the Kitchener Public Library and the Toronto Media Arts Centre (TMAC). She is also a member of the National Steering Committee for the Canadian Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Carbon 14: Climate is Culture
Beekeeping for All – Myfanwy MacLeod + Janna Levitt

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