Pollution Pods European Tour

Michael Pinsky’s Pollution Pods
European Tour, Autumn 2018
UN WHO, Geneva & Klimahaus Bremerhaven

Managed by Cape Farewell, Michael Pinsky’s immersive artwork Pollution Pods completed a European tour in Autumn 2018, raising awareness of worldwide air pollution issues.

Over 10,000 visitors experienced the shock of air quality as they traversed the domes; moving from the simulated conditions of coastal Norway through to some of the most polluted cities in the world – London, Beijing, New Delhi and Sao Paulo. A visceral experience that underlines the importance of the air we breathe and the global need to care for our planet.

In October, the artwork was staged in the iconic square Place des Nations in Geneva to headline the UN WHO’s first Global Conference on Air Pollution and Climate Change; “Improving air quality, combating climate change – saving lives”. The World Health Organisation is working with 194 Member States, across six regions uniting in a shared commitment to achieve better health for everyone, everywhere.

The Pollution Pods then moved for a month-long opening in Bremerhaven, Germany, installed outside the impressive Klimahaus. The venue is a science centre and climate museum, which explores a unique world of climate-change knowledge and experience.

Following a huge amount of interest in the artwork, Cape Farewell plans to tour Michael Pinsky’s Pollution Pods to more global destinations in 2019 and beyond.

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