Sunand Prasad – Greenhouse Gas

Prasad - Greenhouse Gas

This picture is taken from a project by the artist Sunand Prasad.  The red balloons represent C02 emissions.  Together the balloons mark out a cube representing... More ›

Lemn Sissay

What If

What If?

What If? is a powerful examination of the direction that ‘evolution’ has taken the human race in the 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of... More ›

Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil

Amazonian Butterflies

peru 960-print

Daro Montag 03/07/2009, 11:04am “Everything is carbon in motion. Even the butterfly is carbon in flight.” More ›

Nathan Gallagher

Icebergs in Ilulissat


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Composite Image


Greenpeace composite image showing the glacier Blomstrandbreen has retreated nearly 2 km since 1928, with an accelerated rate of 35 metres lost per year since 1960... More ›

Gautier Deblonde

Landscape with Petrol Pump


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Ackroyd & Harvey

Polar Diamond

Polar Diamond, Ackroyd & Harvey, 2009

Using technology to accelerate a process that usually occurs naturally over millions of years, a diamond has been grown from graphite extracted from the cremated ash... More ›

Leafcutter Ants

Daro Montag

Daro Montag

Film by Daro Montag For science stumbling and slogging in the jungle, nature mocking us In a boat down an amazon river – like a blood... More ›