Leonid Tishkov – Private Moon

Tishkov - Private Moon

A photograph from the artist Leonid Tishkov’s ‘Private Moon’ series – with Cape Farewell’s expedition boat, the Noorderlicht, in the background. Credit: Leonid Tishkov / Cape... More ›

High Arctic

Arctic Beds - March 2005

  Signs of life in the High Arctic. Credit: Cape Farewell, 2005. More ›

DJ Spooky

Dreams and Waking Life

DJ Spooky

“I haven’t been able to sleep much, and some of the best thoughts I’ve had on this voyage have been in the place between dreams and... More ›

Sophie Calle

Artist's Diary

Sophie Calle

Yesterday I buried my mother’s jewels on Northern Glacier. I was Lucky. A few  meters further south and I would have landed on  Starvation Glacier. She... More ›

David Harradine/ Fevered Sleep

It's The Skin You're Living In

David Harradine/ Fevered Sleep

There is a man dressed like a bear.  Like a polar bear.  Sometimes he looks like a person dressed like a polar bear – human, fake... More ›