Carol Cotterill

Photo credit: Carol Cotterill / Cape Farewell More ›

David Buckland – Ice Texts

Buckland - Ice Text

David Buckland – Ice Texts, 2003 ‘Burning ice, The Cold Library of Ice, Sadness Melts: Texts projected on a glacier wall as the captain manoeuvres the... More ›

Sunand Prasad – Greenhouse Gas

Prasad - Greenhouse Gas

This picture is taken from a project by the artist Sunand Prasad.  The red balloons represent C02 emissions.  Together the balloons mark out a cube representing... More ›

David Buckland – Messenger

David Buckland - Messenger

Photographer David Buckland projects the ‘shadowy form of a pregnant woman walk[ing] over black ice, her body serving to remind us of our responsibility to unborn... More ›

Nathan Gallagher

Icebergs in Ilulissat


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Nathan Gallagher

Footprints in snow


This snow was near where some fish had been caught and prepared for eating. More ›

Nathan Gallagher

Fog over a Greenlandic glacier


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Dan Harvey

Burning Snow


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Antony Gormley

'Marker One' - in making...


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Dan Harvey

Ice close up


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Composite Image


Greenpeace composite image showing the glacier Blomstrandbreen has retreated nearly 2 km since 1928, with an accelerated rate of 35 metres lost per year since 1960... More ›

Anthony Gormley and Peter Clegg

Shelter 2005


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Sophie Calle

Artist's Diary

Sophie Calle

Yesterday I buried my mother’s jewels on Northern Glacier. I was Lucky. A few  meters further south and I would have landed on  Starvation Glacier. She... More ›

Ackroyd & Harvey

Carving the Snow Camera

Ackroyd & Harvey

Hear from artists Ackroyd & Harvey as they carve a ‘Snow Cam’ and create their glacial ‘Ice Lens’ during the 2005 Cape Farewell expedition. Cape Farewell... More ›

Salcantay & Humantay Glaciers

2009 Andes Expedition


The glaciers in Peru are severely threatened by climate change, watch Rhian Salmon and Charlie Kronick talk about the impact of this in the video. Hannah... More ›


Disko Bay Expedition


Filmed during Cape Farewell’s 2008 Disko Bay Expedition. More ›

Matt Clark, UVA

High Arctic

High Arctic, Matt Clarke, 2011

“And now the general synopsis at 0048 hours on 31 December 2049…New ice, frazzle ice, pancake ice, brash ice, grey ice, leaping ice, fast ice, field... More ›

Francesca Galeazzi

Justifying Bad Behaviour

Justifying Bad Behaviour, Francesca Galeazzi, 2008

This morning I walked across the fresh snow with a gas cylinder in my arms, containing 6kg of CO2. I took it across the unspoiled snow... More ›

Leonid Tishkov

Journey of the Private Moon

Journey of the Private Moon, Leonid Tishkov, 2010

“Miracles can happen in this realm: the moon comes down from the heavens, glistening polar bears walk on ice floats, white clouds bathe in the sea... More ›

Liam Frost


Liam Frost

Recorded on the bowsprit of the Noorderlicht in Turner Sound, Greenland during Cape Farewell’s 2007 Expedition. Click for more › More ›

The Great White Sale

David Buckland

The Great White Sale, David Buckland, 2007

“This image was made in a short window of time when the power of the video projector matches the light of dawn, when there is both... More ›

Chris Wainwright

Red Ice

Chris Wainwright Iceberg

Chris Wainwright, Red Ice,  2008 Arctic Expedition. Red Ice – White Ice is a series of photographs made by artist Chris Wainwright at night, whilst circling... More ›