David Buckland – Ice Texts

Buckland - Ice Text

David Buckland – Ice Texts, 2003 ‘Burning ice, The Cold Library of Ice, Sadness Melts: Texts projected on a glacier wall as the captain manoeuvres the... More ›

Sunand Prasad – Greenhouse Gas

Prasad - Greenhouse Gas

This picture is taken from a project by the artist Sunand Prasad.  The red balloons represent C02 emissions.  Together the balloons mark out a cube representing... More ›

High Arctic

Arctic Beds - March 2005

  Signs of life in the High Arctic. Credit: Cape Farewell, 2005. More ›

Anthony Gormley and Peter Clegg

Shelter 2005


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What if?

Lemn Sissay

Lemn Sissay

A lost number in the equation. A simple, understandable miscalculation. And what if, on the basis of that, the world as we know it changed its... More ›

The Great White Sale

David Buckland

The Great White Sale, David Buckland, 2007

“This image was made in a short window of time when the power of the video projector matches the light of dawn, when there is both... More ›