Lemn Sissay

What If

What If?

What If? is a powerful examination of the direction that ‘evolution’ has taken the human race in the 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of... More ›

Ian McEwan speaks to his fellow writers

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 19.19.33

The renowned writer and Cape Farewell Patron Ian McEwan took big interest in the Switch competition and had addressed all his fellow writers at the final... More ›

Karen McCarthy Woolf

XYZ Generation

Karen close up

X, Y, Z Generation from Karen McCarthy Woolf on Vimeo. At some point every generation thinks it’s the last. This usually happens when people are young... More ›

Rody Gorman

Sound Poem


Loud noise, crust or hardness formed on the earth by the weather,             shower that comes suddenly, mountain torrent,             twisted or misshapen foot or ankle,... More ›

Tom Chivers


annotated map of London

Exploring climate as culture, poet Tom Chivers is mapping the natural territories written into urban space: the peat bog underneath Elephant & Castle, Battersea’s tidal loop,... More ›

Leafcutter Ants

Daro Montag

Daro Montag

Film by Daro Montag For science stumbling and slogging in the jungle, nature mocking us In a boat down an amazon river – like a blood... More ›

Nick Drake

The Farewell Glacier

Nick Drake

“What is it like? That is a difficult question. You might think of a high-rise mega-city, Ice-filled penthouses, snow-stocked apartment towers And locked ziggurats – or... More ›

The Great White Sale

David Buckland

The Great White Sale, David Buckland, 2007

“This image was made in a short window of time when the power of the video projector matches the light of dawn, when there is both... More ›