Rough Seas

Rough Sea

Credit: Cape Farewell, 2011 More ›

Geoff Sample

Away With the Birds


From Geoff Sample’s Artist Diary from Away With The Birds, 2012: The deep throb of the ferry’s engines provides an accompaniment to the journey and transports... More ›

DJ Spooky

Dreams and Waking Life

DJ Spooky

“I haven’t been able to sleep much, and some of the best thoughts I’ve had on this voyage have been in the place between dreams and... More ›

Deidre Nelson

Bird Yarns


Bird Yarns brings together knitters from Mull and across the UK and beyond, with textile artist Deirdre Nelson in response to the changing migration patterns of... More ›

Karen McCarthy Woolf

XYZ Generation

Karen close up

X, Y, Z Generation from Karen McCarthy Woolf on Vimeo. At some point every generation thinks it’s the last. This usually happens when people are young... More ›

Nathan Gallagher

Icebergs in Ilulissat


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Nathan Gallagher

Fog over a Greenlandic glacier


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Composite Image


Greenpeace composite image showing the glacier Blomstrandbreen has retreated nearly 2 km since 1928, with an accelerated rate of 35 metres lost per year since 1960... More ›

Gautier Deblonde



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Rody Gorman

Sound Poem


Loud noise, crust or hardness formed on the earth by the weather,             shower that comes suddenly, mountain torrent,             twisted or misshapen foot or ankle,... More ›

Kenny Taylor

Arctic Terns


No other creature on Earth sees so much sunlight in a year. No other living thing makes such a mega-migration. Eighty thousand kilometres is how far... More ›

Introducing Disko-very Bob

ARGO float

Emily Venables introduces Disko-very Bob, launched in 2008 as the UK’s most northerly ARGO float. Over the next few years this remote unit will measure ocean... More ›


Disko Bay Expedition


Filmed during Cape Farewell’s 2008 Disko Bay Expedition. More ›

Nick Drake

The Farewell Glacier

Nick Drake

“What is it like? That is a difficult question. You might think of a high-rise mega-city, Ice-filled penthouses, snow-stocked apartment towers And locked ziggurats – or... More ›

The Great White Sale

David Buckland

The Great White Sale, David Buckland, 2007

“This image was made in a short window of time when the power of the video projector matches the light of dawn, when there is both... More ›

Chris Wainwright

Red Ice

Chris Wainwright Iceberg

Chris Wainwright, Red Ice,  2008 Arctic Expedition. Red Ice – White Ice is a series of photographs made by artist Chris Wainwright at night, whilst circling... More ›

Miriam Burke

on Deirdre Nelson's Bird Yarns


  “For a week in June, I sat on Tobermory pier under a flock of knitted Arctic Terns. The terns had been knitted by residents of... More ›