David Buckland – Ice Texts

Buckland - Ice Text

David Buckland – Ice Texts, 2003 ‘Burning ice, The Cold Library of Ice, Sadness Melts: Texts projected on a glacier wall as the captain manoeuvres the... More ›

Rough Seas

Rough Sea

Credit: Cape Farewell, 2011 More ›

Lemn Sissay

What If

What If?

What If? is a powerful examination of the direction that ‘evolution’ has taken the human race in the 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of... More ›

Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil

The Amazon

Andes Expedition

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Nathan Gallagher

Icebergs in Ilulissat


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Nathan Gallagher

Fog over a Greenlandic glacier


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Dan Harvey

Arctic fox footprints


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Composite Image


Greenpeace composite image showing the glacier Blomstrandbreen has retreated nearly 2 km since 1928, with an accelerated rate of 35 metres lost per year since 1960... More ›

Gautier Deblonde



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Daro Montag

Controlled burning in an Amazonian forest

peru 206

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Kenny Taylor

Arctic Terns


No other creature on Earth sees so much sunlight in a year. No other living thing makes such a mega-migration. Eighty thousand kilometres is how far... More ›


Inuit Perspectives


Doriana from Victor Sammurtok School in Chesterfield Inlet Nunavut, Canada, joined Cape Farewell on the 2007 Youth Expedition. Cape Farewell YouTube channel › More ›

Salcantay & Humantay Glaciers

2009 Andes Expedition


The glaciers in Peru are severely threatened by climate change, watch Rhian Salmon and Charlie Kronick talk about the impact of this in the video. Hannah... More ›

Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil

Exploring the intimidating plants of the Amazonian rainforest

Andes Expedition

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Daro Montag

The world seen by children in Peru

peru 182

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Chris Wainwright

Red Ice

Chris Wainwright Iceberg

Chris Wainwright, Red Ice,  2008 Arctic Expedition. Red Ice – White Ice is a series of photographs made by artist Chris Wainwright at night, whilst circling... More ›

Miriam Burke

on Deirdre Nelson's Bird Yarns


  “For a week in June, I sat on Tobermory pier under a flock of knitted Arctic Terns. The terns had been knitted by residents of... More ›