Take Me To The River

Saturday 12th March 2022

Held at Cape Farewell HQ, The Watershed, Sydling St Nicholas.

Cape Farewell held a free science day workshop, where anyone could get involved with scientists ‘in the field’ whilst they conducted research as part of Dorchester Science Festival.

The day of workshops was hosted by Cape Farewell to promote a dialogue on climate change and biodiversity. 

The day consisted of two sessions of 3 2-hour workshops

Members of the public explored the beginnings of life and biodiversity on our planet by sampling water from rivers and ponds on site and viewing through microscopes, led by Professor Genoveva Esteban (Bournemouth University)

Identified river wildlife in Sydling Water with Will Beaumont (The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust). Are climate change or water pollution having an impact on different species?

Listened and recorded the magic of underwater sound using Hydrophones, with Professor Adrian Newton (Bournemouth University) and David Rodgers (Electric Backroom Studio) 

Identified birds and their call sounds with Sam Lloyd (Dorset Wildlife Trust RSPB). Sam identified a pair of Snipes and a group of Chiffchaffs who had just migrated north and looked to be nesting for the summer. Many other birds and waterbirds were identified.

Cape Farewell Director and Eco-poet Helen Moore also accompanied the groups. 

The day of activities took place indoors and outdoors with a range of different ages from ranging from 4 years to 75yrs.

The Cape Farewell HQ includes the Watershed artists’ lab and six acres of river, lake and wilding terrain. It also sits among organic farms and Natural England’s land, all helping to encourage species resilience.

Helen Moore held a feedback workshop after both sessions, to gain knowledge of what everyone had learnt from each of the workshops.

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