The Wave

World premiere of Jonathan Dove’s composition The Wave, at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, alongside Tania Kovats’ exhibition Evaporation.

World premiere of The Wave by Jonathan Dove
26 October 2015
Science and Industry Museum, Manchester

Last weekend Cape Farewell and the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester (MOSI) were proud to present a collaboration between renowned BBC Proms Gaia Theory composer Jonathan Dove, who joined Cape Farewell’s Disko Bay expedition, and the Royal Northern College of Music.

Four musicians and eight choristers performed a live world premiere inspired by Tania Kovats’ recently opened exhibition Evaporation – in which this internationally acclaimed artist explores the significance of our relationship with water and the world’s seas and oceans in a brand new art installation.

A truly multi-sensory, moving and unique experience, audiences were immersed into the sounds and cycles of our most precious commodity – our oceans and seas.

The performance was shared with the public throughout the day in a series of rolling performances in the heart of the 1830 gallery space surrounding Kovats’ sculptures – as part of the 2015 Manchester Science Festival opening weekend.

Tania Kovats’ Evaporation, part of Cape Farewell’s Lovelock Art Commissions, will be in the 1830 Warehouse Gallery space at MOSI for 6 months from 22 October 2015 as part of ArtCOP21.

“Art can make a point to us when we sit there and let it enter our consciousness. We can all be given the facts…but I think music and art still has something that strikes everyone in a different way; a very powerful way”

Sean Rafferty, Radio 3’s In-Tune, 23 Oct 2015, on the Lovelock Commission

About Jonathan Dove
Gaia Theory by Jonathan Dove
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