Prof Yadvinder Malhi

Professor of Ecosystem Science with a research interest focused on interactions between tropical ecosystems and the global atmosphere

group surrounded by lush vegetation in the Amazon
Prof Yadvinder Malhi (left) and the expedition crew at Manu Learning Centre. Photo by Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil.

As Professor of Ecosystem Science at the School of Geography and the Environment and Programme Leader of the Ecosystems Group at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), Oxford University, Yadvinder’s research interests focus on interactions between tropical ecosystems and the global atmosphere, with a particular focus on their role in global carbon, energy and water cycles.

Yadvinder Malhi joined Cape Farewell’s 2009 Andes Expedition, an 18 day trek through shrinking glaciers, the Andean rainforests in Peru, and the Amazon.

“The cloud forests of the Andes may be particularly vulnerable to climate change, and scientists are only just beginning to piece together a picture of how these incredible ecosystems are responding to climate change. This journey will provide a magical opportunity to explore both the majesty and vulnerability of the Andes and the Amazon.”

Yadvinder Malhi, 2009

About the 2009 Andes Expedition
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