Anna Frijstein

An artist whose practice evokes the bestial side of ‘socialised’ human beings

Anna Frijstein, So orange that it hurts!, 2021

Anna received one of Cape Farewell’s RiverRun art commissions, interrogating the environmental impact of Dorset farming on the rivers and waters of Poole Bay.

Anna Frijstein is a Dutch artist living and working in London, where she studied at the Royal College of Art. Her practice includes performance, painting, drawing, video, and sculptural installations executed in a candid childlike manner. Beneath the playful naivety lies an unsettling layer of dark humor that confronts suppressed feelings around current socio-psychological, political and ecological issues.

Interested in performance, play and pedagogy, she ultimately aims to think and act less human-centred. Alongside her studio practice, she enjoys working on interdisciplinary projects alongside scientists, ecologists and local communities to learn from, share and collaborate with.

About the RiverRun project
About the wAteR-climaTe festival

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