Art From The Arctic

Our first film, directed by David Hinton and co-produced by the BBC, seen by a worldwide audience of over 12 million in TV broadcasts and film festivals across the world.

60 minute film directed by David Hinton

Featuring Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey, David Buckland, Siobhan Davies, Gautier Deblonde, Antony Gormley, Alex Hartley, Ian McEwan, Michèle Noach and Rachel Whiteread

In 2005 we produced our first film co-produced with the BBC Art From The Arctic, a 60 minute film directed by David Hinton. The film has now been seen by a worldwide audience of over 12 million in broadcasts on the BBC and Sundance TV Channel, and in screenings at film festivals across the world.

Art From the Arctic first broadcast on BBC FOUR on 21 February 2006 as part of Climate Chaos – a major season of BBC programmes on the science behind and issues surrounding climate change. It also screened on BBC TWO, on 31 May 2006 as part of the returning Climate Chaos season. In 2008 the Sundance Channel in the USA broadcast it on 21st and 28th April. 

Between 2003 and 2005 filmmaker David Hinton travelled 2,500 nautical miles on three expeditions aboard the schooner Nooderlicht filming artists, scientists and educators exploring the pristine environment of the High Arctic as part of the Cape Farewell project. The result was Art From The Arctic.

Witness the artists’ response to the harsh environment, and their take on the impacts of climate change. Some were inspired to make instant artworks, carving optical ice lenses and cameras, making glacial projections, creating habitable snow-rooms, sketching, drawing and writing, whilst others quietly absorbed their surroundings, producing work on their return home. Enduring temperatures of -35°C, the stormy waters of ‘The Devil’s Dancefloor’ and the cramped conditions of nautical living, join them in their exploration of the extraordinary and vulnerable Arctic.

The programme has been edited from 200 hours of Cape Farewell footage, by Duncan Harris. Artist, Max Eastley has used live recordings from the Arctic in his soundtrack for the programme. Actor, Bill Paterson provides the main narrative. Jacqui Hughes, is the programme’s Executive Producer at the BBC.

Art From The Arctic was shown as part of Art & Climate Change, Cape Farewell’s first major touring exhibition created in partnership with the Natural History Museum, and designed to deepen our understanding of climate change.

Following the release of the film a DVD version was produced, and was available to purchase from Cape Farewell.

Art From The Arctic, 2005, 60 mins
Director: David Hinton
Editor: Duncan Harris
Music: Max Eastley
Narration: Bill Paterson
Executive Producer BBC – Jacquie Hughes
Producer: David Buckland

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Our first major touring exhibition created in partnership with the Natural History Museum

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