Bullet Creative

Independent creative company Bullet design Cape Farewell’s publications, materials and award winning websites

Cape Farewell have worked closely with independent creative company Bullet Creative since 2004. They designed the website and Burning Ice book, exhibition materials, learning resources and more, including multimedia installations for London’s Southbank Centre and Eden Project. Bullet also took part in the Slow Art Residency programme as part of the Cape Farewell | Eden Project collaboration.

In 2005 the Cape Farewell website was selected to represent the UK in the “e-Science” category of the UN World Summit Awards. Up against 168 countries it went on to be one of 5 international e-Science winners. In 2006 the website also received an Official Honoree distinction at the 10th Annual Webby Awards.

Bullet are a London based creative company who have been working together since 2001. They have over 20 years experience delivering successful, high profile websites and creative work spanning branding, digital design and development, print and exhibition design. They’ve designed websites for a wide range of artists and organisations including Siobhan Davies Dance, Jeremy Deller’s Bat House Project and Arts Council England.


Kathy Barber

Designed the Cape Farewell website, exhibited artwork in Cape Farewell’s Art & Climate Change and Ice Garden exhibitions, and co-curated the Late Night at Whitechapel event. She joined Cape Farewell on the 2004, 2007 and 2008 expeditions.
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Gorm Ashurst

Created the Arctic Gnomes installation at the Eden Project, voyaged to Scotland on the 2013 Northern Isles Expedition, designed the 2010 microsite, and plotted the 2007 voyage in a circle on the blog map. Geek and photographer Gorm has a lot of metal in his body and runs online skate magazine Tweakerzine.

Marije de Haas

Joined Cape Farewell on the 2009 Andes expedition and exhibited work with the Unfold exhibition. Designed Cape Farewell’s Burning Ice book, Earth: Art of a changing world exhibition materials, and much more. Now ex-Bullet, Marije established Floda31 with Rich Holland in 2010 and lectures in design.

Nathan Gallagher

Designed the first version of the interactive flash on the Cape Farewell website. Ex-Bullet now pursuing his photography, Nathan joined the 2008 expedition as onboard photographer. His artwork toured with the Unfold exhibition and was featured on the cover of the book. His photos are spread liberally through Cape Farewell’s website and materials.

Rich Holland

Designed banners that toured with the Moduler Outdoor Exhibition. One of the founders of The Side Effects of Urethane collective. Owns a vast collection of tools. Now ex-Bullet, Rich established Floda31 with Marije de Haas in 2010.

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