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If the ice doesn’t melt and the water doesn’t freeze…

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Robyn Hitchcock opens Cape Farewell’s contribution to a night at Murphy’s Bar, Ilulissat with a modified version of ‘Cocaine’ – including some relevant lyrics ‘If the ice doesn’t melt and the water doesn’t freeze, it’s okay’, (well it’s not really…).
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Justifying bad behaviour

This morning I walked across the fresh snow with a gas cylinder in my arms, containing 6kg of CO2. I took it across the unspoiled snow field of the Jakobshavn Fjord until I found what, to my eyes, was a wonderful place.

From a little hill I could see massive icebergs impassably floating by, some of them breaking up from time to time with a loud bang. The sea below was deep grey, which made the icebergs stand up in all their beauty and fragility. The sky was a merge of pale grey and cerulean with a yellow glow just behind the skyline. Lichen and small berry plants could be felt under the powdery snow as I walked by. I thought this is perfect!
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Climb at Ilulissat Kangia

The group climbs Little Eqi at the mouth of the glacier named Ilulissat Kangia (Danish name – Jacobshavn Glacier). Audio by Vicky Long.


Sailing through the ice field near the mouth of Ilulissat Kangia, Danish name Jacobshavn Glacier (silent clip).

Surveying the seabed

The BGS experience difficulty surveying the seabed. Carol Cotterill describes how this feels. Audio by Vicky Long.

KT calling

Communicating to the rest of the world via KT Tunstall.

Danger, Danger: High Voltage

Carol explains the kit she’ll be using during the voyage – the sparker unit – which uses acoustic pulses to image the sea bed and sediments below the sea bed. The ship’s acoustics leads to some initial frustration, followed by success!

Julian Stair on sea watch

Julian Stair on birds and renewable energy sources. Audio by Vicky Long.

The longest of long days

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Steaming through the fjord leaving Kangerlussuaq, the journey begins.
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Science Weekly podcast: KT Tunstall’s trip to the Arctic

The latest Guardian Science Weekly podcast features GM crops, space dust, a green car powered by petrol and KT Tunstall’s trip to the Arctic. “Singer songwriter KT Tunstall tells us about her trip to the Arctic with Cape Farewell and why climate change is a new religion. She’s furious with claims the expedition is just a publicity stunt…”
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Looking back 450,000 years

Audio from the archive – listen to Carol Cotterill talking about Greenland ice core samples and looking back 450,000 years in time. I recorded this clip on the East Coast of Greenland during the 2007 Art/Science expedition.