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Use the comment box at the end of this page to leave a message. During the voyage all comments and messages were passed on to the crew in the Arctic. Comments and messages are still welcome (now that we’ve returned) but it will take longer for messages to reach individual crew members. During the expedition we also ran an Arctic QA section, click to read the QA archive.



    1. Liz Sharpley

      Posted Thursday 25 Sep at 09:20 | Permalink

      Just heard about this from my old mate Lemn. Sounds amazing and can’t wait to hear what everyone get’s up to.

      Oh and please take care of him and make sure he wears his thermals at all times 😉

    2. jon.plowman

      Posted Thursday 25 Sep at 15:32 | Permalink

      Well I know Joe Smith who is joining you and I know Marcus so good luck to them and to all of you. If any programme ideas emerge let me know !!

    3. Akash Kamboj

      Posted Thursday 25 Sep at 22:39 | Permalink

      Good luck with the Expedition. And David remember my advise when the sea gets rough look at the horizon that is if you can see it.

      Akash – 2007 Youth Expedition

    4. Bridget Eadie

      Posted Friday 26 Sep at 18:03 | Permalink

      Excellent work on the website Kathy Barber- even better than before. Sam and Nathan: journey well and all good wishes for the voyage. Say hello to Mojisola too: I had no idea she had got herself involved with you reprobates.

    5. Sophie, Alfie and Emily Brigstocke

      Posted Saturday 27 Sep at 11:56 | Permalink

      Hello everybody, and especially Brig/Daddy! We’re loving seeing the photos and reading the blogs so far. Alf says “Far away in the Arctic I hope it is very nice”, Em says “I love Daddy – please can I come to the Arctic!”. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all your news – keep blogging.
      Lots of love The Brigstockes xxx

    6. Marcos

      Posted Saturday 27 Sep at 14:24 | Permalink

      It’s a pity the website takes so long loading. There are still areas on this planet that don’t have hi-speed internet. Much of the media will not be available to me. Nor to other people from remote villages or non-industrialized countries.
      Great project, though. Good luck!

      Hi Marcos

      We’re really sorry to hear that you are having trouble loading the site. We have taken every effort to optimise our images and compress video as much as possible (Sorry, geek speak for making our images and video as small as possible). Our site has also been built in such a way that the page sizes themselves are as small as possible. However, this site by its very nature needs to have lots of images and video in order to help get the message of climate change across to our audience. If you would like some help on what you can do to help make the website load more quickly, please contact me at mike@bulletcreative.com.

      All the best and thanks for your support so far

    7. Ingrid Uma

      Posted Saturday 27 Sep at 21:05 | Permalink

      Hello everybody and especially Say Hello to you Laurie A and Good Luck! Wishing you an interesting and pleasant journey and adventure! all the best to you Laurie and the other crew members out there on this expedition too, Great, Enjoy and Take Care! Lots of love xxx Ingrid U in Denmark

    8. Deborah

      Posted Sunday 28 Sep at 10:37 | Permalink

      Hi to all the lovely pirates
      You inspire me and fill my cup with great human emotion.
      May your journey be a safe one and bring you safely home..
      KT have a great honeymoon, may the northern lights shine bright.
      D x

    9. Carol brigstocke

      Posted Sunday 28 Sep at 11:34 | Permalink

      Marco – I hope the sea is not rough like last time…….and that it does not freeze….. and that you have a fascinating and safe trip
      lots of love Mum

    10. Andrew Mogg

      Posted Sunday 28 Sep at 13:00 | Permalink

      Haha, well done Em, I see you’ve cornered the fizzy wine already! Miss you like a flying marsupial, keep safe.

    11. Beth Derbyshire

      Posted Sunday 28 Sep at 13:51 | Permalink

      Hello to all Sailors,


      Here is en exert from an Inuit song to speed you on your way.

      I call forth the song

      From Above

      Hayaya – haya

      You will have a breathtaking time, I am sure.

      Enjoy it.

      Wishing you well on your journey and safe passage.


    12. kate

      Posted Sunday 28 Sep at 14:24 | Permalink

      lesson #1 for musicians who know squat about glaciation…

      when…the….ice starts to break
      leaving rocks in its wake
      that’s a moraine

    13. MARK ELLEN

      Posted Sunday 28 Sep at 19:08 | Permalink

      Michi, can you arrange for a good quality colour portrait of Jarvis on his own too – ice behind him – for a drop-in shot on the cover? Be great if at all possible, love MARK ELLEN, WORD MAGAZINE

    14. Dan Harvey

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 01:11 | Permalink

      Just sending you all the best positive creative energy, the Arctic seems (and is) so far away from this dirty crazy city of Sao Paulo chocked by traffic fumes and rubbish – no one seems to care climate change here – perhaps they have too many other problems? I am arranging to give a public talk about our work and will feature Cape Farewell strongly with in it! Hope that you all can enjoy and be creative. Thinking of you all and will check out the web as often as I can!
      Take Care. Love Dan

    15. angela lee

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 02:58 | Permalink

      Jarvis, you’re the definition of the word “cool”. Now you’re extremely cool (literally cool).
      Ryuichi Sakamoto, you’re gonna melt the ice caps with your hotness.
      Hugs to Ms. Laurie A.
      Everyone, be safe and take care.

    16. Lisa Rowledge

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 07:56 | Permalink

      Tracey (my big sister) just a note to say we’re all totally addicted to the website and catching a glimpse of you in the pictures. The expedition is nothing short of captivating and truly inspirational.
      (I’ve forwarded your email to Jen)
      Missing you.
      Love Lisa

    17. David Clarke

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 10:09 | Permalink

      hope all is ok
      just looks so amazing from the photos
      I can wait to here the stories
      hope the hoovering is going well !!
      London’s sunnny sunny
      speak soon

    18. Lydia

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 13:42 | Permalink

      To Francesca,
      you look so cold! I really hope all is going well for you out there, the landscape looks just beautiful, it must be absolutely overwhelming!

    19. Karen

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 13:59 | Permalink

      For Chris Wainwright
      Hi Steppie! Feels weird to be able to see where you are, just watched an iceberg toppling over and it all seemed a bit too real all of a sudden. It must be amazing to be there. Have a fantastic time – see you on the 10th xxx

    20. Rande

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 16:39 | Permalink

      Hi Laurie!

    21. Catherine, Tom and Henry

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 17:27 | Permalink

      Hello Simon and everyone else on board!
      We’re enjoying seeing you all on the website…Tom and Henry have been telling everyone at school your news, especially about the iceberg turning over!
      Tom thought naming the ARGO Disco Bob would suit both the location and all the musicians on board…Henry went for a variation on that with Bop Bob!
      Good luck with your artistic creativity and scientific endeavour over the next few days.
      Have a fantastic time…look forward to seeing you soon xxx

    22. jwaugh

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 18:55 | Permalink

      Very exciting, great to see expedition photos and keep up with the adventure day by day. I’ve only been in the artic looking from the land to the very cold sea – very humbling

      Joe and Jane

    23. Olive Collins

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 04:09 | Permalink

      To Sam Collins,
      Congratulations on finally getting ‘on the boat’. Enjoy the experience of the white
      continent. Hope not too rough.
      An ancestor of yours was on a ship to the Artic in the 1800’s.
      Best wishes and love to you and Kathy,

    24. Claire Wilcox

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 09:44 | Permalink

      Julian we loved hearing about the bird life. Best wishes to you all from Claire, Rose and Hattie

    25. Jonathon

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 14:23 | Permalink

      I can’t believe the diversity of what you are producing up there, this must be the 1st time so many talented and diverse professions/creatives have ever been together in such a small (cold) space, to discover, experience and comment on something as important as climate change. Well done….inspiring!

      p.s. if you find my ice axe I left it at Old Camp in Kangerlusuuaaq

    26. capefarewell.com/diskobay

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 15:56 | Permalink

      Message for Tracey Rowledge : Really enjoying reading your ‘blog’. You seem to be having a fantastic time. It must be truly amazing being involved in such a fantastic expedition. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return, and seeing photos. Mags x

    27. Barbara

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 19:49 | Permalink

      A night of music in an Inuit bar? Sounds like a dream come true. The pictures are amazing, but your little films are the best. It’s like a little piece of the rest of us can be there for a moment. I couldn’t believe the sudden intensity of the iceberg crashing into the sea. It took me off guard. It made me want to cry, strangely as if somehow seeing it makes it real. Makes it true. I guess this is why you’re there? I suspect you’ll never be the same again. Hopefully it’ll rub off on the rest of us. P.S. if anyone finds an orphaned baby seal, will you bring it back to London. I promise to look after it as my own. P.P.S. please tell Ruth I send warmest hugs and admiration, always. Next time she’ll come with a banjo! Cannot wait to hear the stories, and meet my new baby seal.

    28. Harold Feist

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 00:51 | Permalink

      For Feist: Work on your powers of observation/description because when you return all here are eager to learn about some of the things in these amazing photos and videos. (Stay safe at the utmost…)

    29. Janet Carroll

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 01:04 | Permalink

      Greetings Tracey, Francis and I are so excited for you and the entire crew, having this enormous opportunity to experience the complexities of the Arctic, and to share what you learn with the rest of us in the future.

    30. Sophie Brigstocke

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 09:38 | Permalink

      Marcus – where was the silver suit??? Most disappointed not to see it in action on the dancefloor. Do the rest of the crew know of your past as a podium dancer – oh yes, my friends – it’s true – make him show you his moves!
      Loving all the footage – Emily and Carol you looked awesome as the Icebreakers – for god sake make sure Marcus doesn’t sing!!!
      Lots of love to you all and come home safely

    31. Rachel

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 10:15 | Permalink

      For Martha:
      I sang BMFA on my bike this morning and cycled past Cape Farewell’s HQ, next to the Royal Festival Hall where I saw you perform. It all seemed very synonymous; hope you’re finding your inspiration out there to come back and do a seriously awesome gig at the Roundhouse!
      BTW: You’re AMAZING!

    32. Ruth Schoenegge

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 10:23 | Permalink

      Hey all you brave sailors!

      What an exciting adventure – great to have the opportunity to follow you around through your blogs and photos, catching glimpses of what you’re experiencing.
      My heart is with you, traveling through the vastness and the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic. I’m curious to see the icebergs surfacing in your work later on…

      And Laurie – all the best to you! See you next month in Groningen.

      Have a safe journey y’all!

    33. Fleur, Rufus, Rosa & Ian

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 10:51 | Permalink

      for Robyn and Michele,
      have followed your progress on the atlas – only rufus can read the script, too small or incomprehsible for the rest of us – and will show the children the photos this evening.
      Did you follow Hegley’s advice, and take a spare pair?

    34. simon hattenstone

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 17:20 | Permalink

      Dear lovely lemnsip,
      tis your good friend simon herefeeling hugely envious of your travels and your travellingcompanions. Now as I might have mentioned to you, I want your pants, and if possible the pants/knickers of all said travelling companions. As you know, daine and I help run this drop-in for destitute asylum seekers – every month people tyurn up and we give them a tenner tesco voucher, a tenner oyster cards, food and clothes. The first time we held the drop-in there were a handful of asylum seekers, now we have around 600 on the books – all of them with horrendous stories to tell and many of them with the scars to prove it. Most of the people are from DRC, and many of them are young women (girls really) with young kids, often the result of rape. Amazingly, mot of them seem to have healthy relationships with their kids, and they are incredibly strong people.
      Now here’s the thing, we are running out of money for the drop-in, and we are having a walk in a few weeks to raise money for new underwear – one of the things nearly all of them lack. I also had the idea that if we could collect the pants/knickers of well known people, autographed and hopefully customised with a picture/poem/doodle/story, we could raise some serious money at auction. So far we have got contributions form the likes of Sheila hnacock, Benjamin Zephaniah and the legendary perv artist Robert Crumb. What we really need now is the pants/knickers of a gorup of celebrated cape explorers such as yoursleves. so this is my begging request, and it goes out to all of you
      GIVE ME YOUR PANTS, AND GIVE ME THEM QUICK. (Actually it’s fine if you do it when you get home).
      the address to send said smalls is 16 lynmouth rd, london n2 9ls. we thought we’d call the campaign some Inhumane Response to The Asylum Crisis Tht Is Leading To inreasing Destitution. There, that’s catchy innit.
      lots of love

    35. hannah

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 17:42 | Permalink

      Wow, the trip sounds like it gets better and better. Great website guys… more podcasts please…lemn, hackney misses you… abdullah has been looking after me (ie giving me free peppermint tea in the morning, yum)… I saw james the other day, arlow and eli asked where you where, when I said you were in the arctic arlow replied “do you have an actic?” super cute.

    36. hannah

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 17:53 | Permalink

      ps Lemn… forgot to say… your books is ordered…
      Got my tigriniya lesson tonight, will ask what the word is for snow… I may have to go to the eritrean restaurant after the lesson, I’m missing injera so much

      much much love
      hannah azieb

    37. Fiona Long

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 18:37 | Permalink

      Vicky, We are following the blogs with great interest. How different from last year’s Noordelicht adventure! Fantastic photos. Enjoy the last few days. Fiona & Graham

    38. Julian Kay

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 18:55 | Permalink

      Vics, Looks like an amazing trip – can’t wait for the slideshow in Poppleton Church Hall! Lots of Love Doog x

    39. Rachel

      Posted Thursday 2 Oct at 15:00 | Permalink

      Where’s a blog from Martha? Only pictures so far! Rx

    40. Michelle Kahn

      Posted Thursday 2 Oct at 15:52 | Permalink


      Glad to hear you arrived on board safely – but no blog or pics yet? Can’t wait to find out what you have been up to!


    41. Maisie Hitchcock

      Posted Thursday 2 Oct at 15:56 | Permalink

      Dear Dad and Michi
      Just checking in as it were, to say hello and am enjoying reading all about your trip. Lots of love and warm things Maisxxx

    42. Omar Al-Kaisy

      Posted Thursday 2 Oct at 16:26 | Permalink

      Err whoops! mean to say:

      Mr Lemon Sissy

      What a fucking trip! I’m jealous…. Loving your words, and the site’s quality actually (not to sound surprised or owt). Anyway, awesome stuff, hope you’re having a wild one. Oh, and forgot to tell you, also went to see your words on the sculpture behind Fenchoich Street… Was baffled, but intrigued, and enjoyed walking round (and round, and round) the pillars reading…

      Hope you’re quality, mainman. And hope to catch your ass on your return for some stories. (NB That means: Not mails)


    43. hannah

      Posted Thursday 2 Oct at 17:17 | Permalink

      Lemn… omar is jealous, the trip is worth that alone… also, can we have some pics of you please, barefoot in the snow perhaps?

      ps there is no tigrinya word for snow, but the tigriniya word for ice is… beredu
      ciao ciao


    44. Michelle Kahn

      Posted Saturday 4 Oct at 22:33 | Permalink

      Have a safe journey home everyone!

    45. Sophie Brigstocke

      Posted Sunday 5 Oct at 09:35 | Permalink

      Marcus – You will never disappoint me. Your writing is beautiful, your thoughts provocative. This trip is entirely worthwhile for everyone, given the blogs and images so far. What comes from here can only be imagined. Come home safely all of you

      love Mrs Brig x

    46. Carlos A.C. Vargas

      Posted Sunday 5 Oct at 15:16 | Permalink

      Now that the head of earth is melting with a nervous breakdown,
      Now that animals that are resisting are calling for ancient prayers,
      Now that all those frozen memories are beeing exposed
      Warning us to not let them been seen,

      I keep on this boat,pushing images into my eyes,
      Covering my ears so that all those beautiful sounds won’t escape forever.
      Today is the the day I stood up in an iceberg
      With thousand of millions voices to be cried out
      Into the deepest seas
      Calling all the whales

    47. Carlos A.C. Vargas

      Posted Sunday 5 Oct at 15:40 | Permalink

      There is a drawn line
      There, where the scarp of the ice
      Meets the empty space

      It looks like a graphic
      With all the ups and downs
      But the values that it shows
      Are not economical decreeses

      It’s nature telling us all
      That this line
      A thin balance between now and never
      Will afect me and you
      And all the others that can´t

      I will capture the line
      Into my pencil sharpped
      Like a night knife
      It will cut only your ignorance
      And not all the trees

    48. sue

      Posted Sunday 5 Oct at 21:31 | Permalink

      Never underestimate the power of the individual and you can all command such wide audiences – what awesome potential aboard Cape Farewell VII – thanks for sharing your journey with us. Safe and CO2 reducing onward journey to you all.
      – Hannah’s mum

    49. Silvia

      Posted Monday 6 Oct at 09:08 | Permalink

      Hi Francy,
      I’ve finished reading your blog about the bench, it’s a pity for the wind but I agree with your thoughts… lots of things to ponder!
      I miss you so much!!
      Buon viaggio, Sistrà

    50. aida kaisy

      Posted Monday 6 Oct at 10:47 | Permalink

      Laymoon Sissy! wow am so impressed with this trip and site and everything! sounds like a truly amazing if not mindblowing trip and can’t wait to see you and hear all about it…big love and respect to you (and everyone there for that matter)
      aida kaisy

    51. Alan & Annie Wainwright

      Posted Monday 6 Oct at 13:17 | Permalink

      The family photograph has made our day! Many thanks, Nathan.

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