Competition: Name that ARGO float

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To follow in the grand Cape Farewell ARGO float naming tradition, we declare the competition to name “Arty Bob 2” now open. Suggestions welcome from far and wide (post them in the comment box below). Get your suggestions in by Wednesday 1st October. Top suggestions so far include: Titanic Bob, Broken Mike (ask anyone at the London launch) and Sarah Palin (Marcus’s suggestion that it would be fairly satisfying to throw Sarah overboard into Arctic waters and have her surface only once every 10 days).



    1. Gorm

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 10:34 | Permalink

      Climate Droid?

    2. Rachel

      Posted Monday 29 Sep at 15:07 | Permalink

      How about Bob n’Rolla? Cos its a Rock n’Roller trip, oh and its nostalgic of roller-blading across the Thames!

      Or Sesame Snap? Or bobskilicious?
      I like Bob n’Rolla best!


    3. Phil Gevaux

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 14:43 | Permalink

      Bob’s Hot Disko

    4. liz dudley

      Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 15:11 | Permalink

      How about ” Sea U Jimmi-Bob

    5. Ben Jervey

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 06:02 | Permalink

      Thermal Liam
      now what do I win?

      (though I do really love Marcus’ suggestion. her poll figures are certainly–and finally– sinking like a stone.)

    6. Julie Hendrix

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 12:49 | Permalink

      The following are my suggestions:


      #3-Barack-O-Bob-“Both are going down in history”

    7. Emmanuel

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 19:13 | Permalink

      I’ve been thinkin of a name without thinking about how much I love Feist… but it was just impossible… so I finally came up with a name…

      The Reminder


    8. Sue

      Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 22:38 | Permalink

      Bobco for the Disco and CO2 link? or Bobinska – little Bob (I think) and Russian boat link? or Bobbank as many in the global banking system suffering that sinking feeling just now! Hope you all return inspired to inspire!
      M xx

    9. TAP

      Posted Thursday 2 Oct at 17:26 | Permalink

      Still taking names for the Argo. How about Waterloo in honor of ABBA and Disko Bay. You could also go all Greek Mythology and call it the Gemini after Castor and Pollux the twins who sailed with Jason on the original Argos.