Pete Yelding

Cellist, sitarist and vocalist

Pete Yelding

Pete is one of Cape Farewell’s SIRENS, a programme with a unique take on the climate emergency and response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pete Yelding is a cellist, sitarist and vocalist from a family of travelling Showpeople. His unique musical voice blends multiple worlds of musical knowledge into soulful songs, pieces and improvisations that owe their existence entirely to his masterful teachers.

He began his sitar training in North Indian Classical Music during his cello and composition studies at Birmingham Conservatoire, and later studied with Jonathan Mayer of the Senia veen-kar Gharānā. Since, Pete has become student of the legendary Sarod player, Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan, the inheritor and Khalif (chief) of the Lucknow Shahjahanpur Gharānā. In addition to his ongoing study under Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan, Pete has received vocal tuition from Rauf Saami, son of Ustad Naseeruddin Saami. He has also received tuition in string performance techniques from Griots such as master of the Riti, Juldeh Camara and master of the Kora, Sura Susso (with whom he regularly collaborates). 

He has been a presence in UK music scenes for over a decade, appearing as a soloist, a guest artist, or interdisciplinary collaborator with such artists and organastions as Zinzi Minott, Kuljit Bhamra, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Blick Bassy, Talvin Singh, and Bristol Old Vic.

About Cape Farewell’s SIRENS programme

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