SIRENS at MAST Studios

SIREN Poets – A Call to Action on Climate. This short film was produced by Paul Maple of Global Documentary from the residency and workshop at MAST Studios, October 2022, as part of the Emergency Festival.

SIRENS at the EMERGENCY Festival at MAST Studios

This event brought together a group of award-winning performers to creatively re-imagine the climate and environmental crisis. Spoken word artists Chris White, Liv Torc, Peter Bearder and Majid Dhana were joined by musicians Hal Kelly and Kate Mellors for this scratch performance, which provided food for thought on the climate crisis, migration and what it means to be human.

This show was the culmination of a 3-day residency at MAST Studios. Members of the original SIRENS group collaborated with Solent-based artists to explore new directions and develop a creative arc for future touring shows. Running in parallel were workshops for local poets facilitated by writers development agency ArtfulScribe. The SIRENS provided mentoring and support to these emerging artists, with both groups performing on stage on the night.

This residency was a partnership between Cape Farewell, MAST Studios and ArtfulScribe with support from the SoCo Music Project, People and Stories and the University of Southampton. The project has been kindly supported with a grant from the Arts Council England.

The show coincided nicely with National Poetry Day on Thursday 6th October, and was particularly timely as the theme this year is the environment!


This performance was part of MAST’s EMERGENCY Festival (5-29 October 2022) where artists, scientists and activists came together to produce creative responses to the climate emergency through theatre, dance, poetry, comedy, family activities and discussion events.

This is a shorter edit of the main film, aimed at engaging young people in spoken word and climate action.

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