Sunand Prasad

Former RIBA President and co-founder of an award winning architectural practice known for its commitment to sustainable design

Architect Sunand Prasad joined Cape Farewell on the 2008 Disko Bay Expedition, visiting the spectacular Disko Bay area of West Greenland with over 40 international artists, journalists and scientists. During the expedition, on a beach at the end of a fjord in Disko Bay, now made accessible by a retreating melting glacier, he created the installation Greenhouse Gas, comprising four tethered helium ballons, delineating 540m3 of space, representing one ton of CO2, the average emission per person per month in the UK.

The work toured internationally with Cape Farewell’s Unfold exhibition. It was also shown at Carbon 13 in Marfa, Texas and Cape Farewell’s Late at Tate event in 2009.

Sunand Prasad is Co-Founder of Penoyre & Prasad – an award winning architectural practice well known for its commitment to sustainable design which puts people at its centre and engages with other arts. He served as President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) from 2007 to 2009, regularly campaigning on issues relating to climate change and the built environment. He was one of the founding Commissioners of CABE, the UK Government’s adviser on architecture and urban design, and played a key role in driving up standards of design.

He has written about climate change, architecture and cultural diversity, the value of design, urbanism and domestic architecture of North India, and the work of Le Corbusier. Sunand has taught and lectured in many schools of architecture and elsewhere and lives with his family in a house designed and built with friends.

Sunand Prasad – making Greenhouse Gas during the Disko Bay Expedition
Sunand Prasad – blog from the Disko Bay Expedition
Unfold exhibition and book

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