Cynthia Hopkins

Internationally acclaimed musical performance artist who creates unique multi-media pieces which intertwine truth and fiction

young person performs in front of an arctic projection
Cynthia Hopkins, This Clement World, 2012/4

Internationally acclaimed musical performance artist Cynthia Hopkins from Brooklyn, NY writes and sings songs, records albums, and creates groundbreaking multi-media performance works that incorporate music, text, video and theatrical design to create imaginative stories that intertwine truth and fiction, blurring the lines between edification and entertainment.

Her work This Clement World, performed as part of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture, is a fiercely creative and charismatic tribute to our rapidly changing environment, as seen through the prism of her deeply personal lens and wild cross-disciplinary style. Performed live with a 15-piece chorus and band, This Clement World blends outlandish fiction and original avant-folk songs with Hopkins’ own documentary footage from the 2010 Arctic expedition with Cape Farewell, infusing our global climate crisis with humour, poetics and urgency. The work was also exhibited with Cape Farewell’s Carbon 13 exhibition at Marfa Ballroom, Texas.

Carbon 14: Climate is Culture
Carbon 13 exhibition
About the 2010 Arctic expedition

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