Dr Simon Boxall

Cape Farewell Board Member and an academic in oceanography at the University of Southampton, based in the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Dr Simon Boxall

Dr Simon Boxall is a Cape Farewell Board Member and joined Cape Farewell’s 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2010 Arctic expeditions.

He became involved in Cape Farewell at the early stage of the organisation. David Buckland visited the NOC and discussed his ideas with Simon and others in Southampton back in 2002. The unlikely combination of arts and science working in close collaboration to highlight the urgency of dealing with climate change seemed then to be both novel and an unknown path. Cape Farewell turned out to be a trend setter and Simon has been involved in the science of all of the Arctic expeditions, and been on the vessel in all but one.

“Cape Farewell not only shows what a group of individuals from differing walks of life can achieve, it also helps give focus to how we communicate the science that underpins our knowledge of the rapid change in climate our planet is undergoing, The collaboration of arts and science helps formulate the argument for an effective response”.

Dr Simon Boxall

Dr Simon Boxall is an academic in oceanography at the University of Southampton, based in the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. He studied oceanography at the University of Liverpool where he focused on the physics of the deep ocean, and moved towards shallow waters and coastlines when he moved to his present post. He has over the years undertaken studies of both open and coastal seas, using both shipborne measurements and remote sensing techniques. His work has included looking at oil spill tracking and observations of climate change. Simon’s other role is in public understanding of science and he regularly delivers public lectures worldwide, has appeared in over 60 documentaries and regularly features on national and international news stories relating to the ocean environment.

“For all of the science that we have achieved, some of my most unexpected output has been art in the form of an art installation at the EDF Galleries in Paris and at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. I was rubbish at art in school – that’s why I became a scientist. I realise now that the two are closer than one realises”.

Dr Simon Boxall

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