Siren Call

David Buckland extols the power of performance poetry for Resurgence & Ecologist, a magazine at the forefront of a movement of change.

spot-lit woman performing poetry
Liv Torc performing with the Siren Poets. Photo by Kieren Sibley.

Featured in the March/April 2021 issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, Cape Farewell’s David Buckland writes about the power of performance poetry.

Asking a collective global society to shift its day-to-day, learned behaviour – to evolve, in record time, a sustainable way for 8 billion people to live on our very modest planet – is a hugely challenging task. The solution is bound to be complex, full of contradiction and emotional conflict. This is artistic territory, where a poem, a performance, a piece of music can weave the zillion jumbled threads together into some form of meaning. As we watch our habitat under stress, dealing with its own virus of human activity, as we log our inadequate political response, compromised by industrial and consumer intransigence, the poet can, with one line, cut through to our emotional core…
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“I created Cape Farewell 20 years ago to instigate a cultural response to the climate crisis. Realising that a lone artistic voice couldn’t address the scale of the climate challenge, I corralled like-minded artists, musicians, wordsmiths and designers from the creative estate to imagine what might be possible and perhaps inspire our way out of this ecological mess; to lay pointers for us to see light where it is too easy for darkness to prevail”

David Buckland, Cape Farewell Founder and International Director

Read Siren Call by David Buckland in Resurgence & Ecologist magazine
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