Whole Earth?

Cape Farewell has programmed a fantastic climate poet-in-residence event with the brilliant Zia Ahmed. Join us for the Whole Earth? launch party in association with Leeds University for ArtCOP21.

man performing poetry on intimate stage
Zia Ahmed performing at Rhyme and Reason, during Climate Week 2014, at the London School of Economics.

Launch party and celebration of the Whole Earth? exhibition
15 October 2015, 6–8.30pm at Leeds University Union
For ArtCOP21

To celebrate the launch of Whole Earth? Cape Farewell and Leeds University Union invite you to join us for an evening of spoken word, visual art and food from The Real Junk Food Project. With performances from Cape Farewell’s Climate Poet-in-Residence Zia Ahmed, and contributions from local artists in Leeds, the evening will challenge the narratives of climate change and celebrate the arts as a tool for social and climate justice. Join us from 6pm for drinks, performances and delicious food. Part of ArtCOP21, an exceptional global festival of cultural activity on climate change.

Whole Earth? is the follow up exhibition from The Hard Rain Project. Whole Earth? is based on the premise that the future belongs to today’s young people and that students and universities everywhere can play a major role in making society more sustainable. The exhibition provides the kind of evidence students need to join the debate about their future – it is an invitation to students and their tutors to articulate the kind of world they want to live in and through Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) by bringing them together to show political and business leaders support to take the difficult long-term decisions that underpin security for all. Whole Earth? will launch simultaneously in September 2015 at universities in the UK, Scandinavia, and Australia and the exhibition will travel to Africa and Asia in Spring 2016

This event will include brand new work from Zia Ahmed, and his unique and entertaining style will leave the audience considering and questioning how climate plays a role in their own lives.

Zia Ahmed is Cape Farewell’s 2014/2015 climate poet-in-residence, and a member of the Elephant Collective. Elephant is a collective of writers, poets, rappers, visual artists, producers and storytellers. They have performed around the world from New York to Berlin, Paris to Sofia, popping up everywhere from BBC radio, to CNN, to festival stages, sipping tea and telling stories. Zia won the Roundhouse Poetry Slam in 2011.

About Zia Ahmed
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Cape Farewell’s Climate Poet-in-Residence programme

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