Marfa Dialogues NY: Climate is Culture

A discussion about climate change and sustainability hosted by Ballroom Marfa, featuring creatives, scientists and entrepreneurs from the Carbon14 exhibition.

Listen to Marfa Dialogues NY: Climate is Culture from Oct 2013 – featuring artists Mel Chin, Tom Ackers, Melanie Gilligan, David Buckland, Cleantech specialist Tom Rand and environmental lawyer Hamilton Fish (moderator) in conversation about climate change, sustainability and Cape Farewell’s Carbon 14 exhibition.

This conversation builds on Cape Farewell’s Carbon 13 exhibition at Ballroom Marfa, Texas in 2012, and the related event Marfa Dialogues: Art and Environmental Activism – a three-day symposium of conversations around climate change and sustainability with artists, performers, writers, scientists and entrepreneurs including Rebecca Solnit.

four people on stage during a panel discussion
Marfa Dialogues: Art and Environmental Activism panel discussion, part of Cape Farewell’s Carbon13 exhibition at Ballroom Marfa, Texas. Photo by Lesley Brown.

Marfa Dialogues NY, organized by Ballroom Marfa in collaboration with the Rauschenberg Foundation, featured two months of programming including community forums, art exhibitions, musical performances, and panels in New York City to engage a deeper examination of climate change. The programme ran between 1 Oct–30 Nov 2013.

Carbon 14: Climate is culture exhibition
Ballroom Marfa: Marfa Dialogues NY
Ballroom Marfa: Marfa Dialogues 2012

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