There Goes the Ice

By Robyn Hitchcock and KT Tunstall, inspired by Cape Farewell’s Disko Bay Expedition.

There Goes the Ice performed by Robyn Hitchcock and KT Tunstall

There Goes the Ice
Words by Robyn Hitchcock
Musicians: Robyn Hitchcock and KT Tunstall
Visual artist/video by David Buckland

Written by Robyn Hitchcock and performed by Robyn Hitchcock and KT Tunstall, There Goes the Ice was inspired by Cape Farewell’s Disko Bay Expedition along the remote West Coast of Greenland in 2008.

During the voyage, Robyn Hitchcock wrote the song after artist Chris Wainwright asked him to spell our “Here Comes The Sun” with semaphore lights on the deck of the ship. Robyn took the song fresh to KT Tunstall in the next-door cabin and they recorded it there and then.

The work featured in Cape Farewell’s exquisite international touring exhibition Unfold, reaching audiences in Beijing, Liverpool, New York, Chicago, Falmouth, Newcastle, London and Vienna, as well as the accompanying Unfold book.

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Our exquisite exhibition toured Beijing, New York, Chicago, Vienna and across the UK
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Unfold book

Released to accompany the Unfold exhibition, this exquisite book profiles the work of the artists, alongside innovative responses to climate change. Available for £18

Robyn Hitchcock

English singer-songwriter and psych folk guitarist who also dabbles in most forms of art

KT Tunstall

Brit Award winning, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and firm festival favourite
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