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You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem
Albert Einstein

The arts are a core part of the Cape Farewell project: one salient image, a novel or song can speak louder than volumes of scientific data and engage the public's imagination in an immediate way. The High Arctic, for myriad reasons, provides a place for real artistic investigation. It is on their journey to the world’s tipping points that our artists and scientists begin their conversations, which lead to further research and production of pioneering new work. Since 2003, these expeditions have proved to be the linchpin in the Cape Farewell portfolio, aiming to provoke and evoke a cultural response to the true scale of how the earth’s environment and climate are changing. The artists have found new and innovative ways to represent this extraordinary place and the implications of climate change. From the expeditions has sprung an extraordinary body of artwork, educational projects and collaborations. Our ambition is to work with the artists who joined the recent expeditions to curate further performances, events and installations. Join the mailing list and we'll keep you informed as new events and dates are announced.

Alex Hartley, Nymark (Undiscovered Island) 2005–2006, (detail)
Artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey carve their Ice Lens during the 2005 Art/Science Expedition
David Buckland, Icesheet, 2003
Siobhan Davies, Endangered Species, 2006 (still)
Antony Gormley and Peter Clegg, Three Made Places, 2005, (process)
Max Eastley capturing sound on Edgeøya with an instrument made from recycled debris
Detail of Blossom by Clare Twomey, exhibited at the Eden Project in 2007
Writer Vikram Seth working on the deck of the Noorderlicht during the 2007 Art/Science Expedition
William Hunt, Earth, Wind and Fire, 2007 (still)
ARCTIC by David Buckland and Max Eastley in the Pritzker Pavilion of Chicagos Millennium Park
Gary Hume, Hermaphrodite Polar Bear, 2003
Cape Farewell - Art & Climate Change at Kampnagel Cultural Centre, Hamburg, 2007
Cape Farewell - Art & Climate Change shown at Fundación Canal, Madrid, 2008
David Buckland, Ice Texts, 2004–2005
Gautier Deblonde, from The Svalbard Series, 2003-2005
Kathy Barber, Here Today, 2005 (Neon, solar panel, cabling, battery)
Artist Amy Balkin in conversation with Oceanographer Simon Boxall during the 2007 Art/Science Expedition
Bright white iceberg floats in deep blue Arctic water

David Buckland, Icesheet, 2003