Burning Ice

Feature length film directed by Peter Gilbert, based on the 2008 expedition, featuring musicians Laurie Anderson, KT Tunstall, Jarvis Cocker, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Martha Wainwright and Feist.

80 minute film directed by Peter Gilbert

Featuring the artists and musicians Jarvis Cocker, Ryuichi Sakomoto, Laurie Anderson, Martha Wainwright, Robyn Hitchcock, Leslie Feist, KT Tunstall, Lemn Sissay, Marcus Brigstocke and many others.

In 2009 Cape Farewell produced the organization’s second film, Burning Ice, a feature length film produced in partnership with Cactus 3 in New York. The film was commissioned by Sundance Television, USA, and was first broadcast on the Sundance Channel on 25th May 2010.

Directed by Chicago based director, Peter Gilbert (Hoop Dreams and At the Death House Door), Burning Ice documents Cape Farewell’s 2008 expedition to Disko Bay, in West Greenland. The expedition crew included musicians Laurie Anderson, Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Robyn Hitchcock, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shlomo, KT Tunstall, and Martha Wainwright, the British comedian Marcus Brigstocke, artists David Buckland, Sophie Calle, and Chris Wainwright, and the architect Sunand Prasad, amongst the forty five artists and scientists who joined the extraordinary voyage.

The film follows the artists and scientists as they tackle a collective response to climate change in the High Arctic and their subsequent performances at Latitude Festival and recording new material.

Photographer and artist David Buckland is the director of Cape Farewell, and producer of Burning Ice. He stresses the urgency of a cultural response to climate change, and believes musicians and artists, in partnership with scientists, can inspire new and original thinking, re-framing a wider, public conversation around the issues of climate responsibility, stewardship, and re-imagining a sustainable future.

Burning Ice was directed by Peter Gilbert and produced in partnership with Cactus 3 in New York. Peter joined Cape Farewell on the 2008 Disko Bay Expedition, visiting the spectacular Disko Bay area of West Greenland with 45 international artists, journalists and scientists. He is one of the three filmmakers and Director of Photography for Hoop Dreams. His film credits include the 1990 Academy Award winning, feature-length documentary, American Dream directed by Barbara Kopple; A Long Way Home directed by Michael Apted, any many more.

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